The CL2 Upgrade Program

Kelly Tillage has developed an upgrade to the CL2 disc assembly that addresses previous quality issues. This applies to all CL2 products that were purchased prior to 1st of October 2021. The components for this upgrade are provided free of charge to all customers and should be fitted as soon as practical.

To book your upgrade, click on the following link

(or use the QR Code) to enter your delivery details.

The key features of the product upgrade include:
a spring steel clamping plate (0803-CL2-W5 and 0803-CL2-HP3) replaces the existing saddle, reducing the stress upon the disc
a 5mm (thicker) cutting disc, which improves the disc strength.

The CL2 Product Upgrade Demonstration

Download the Technical Bulletin here


As part of your regular maintenance program, Kelly recommends that you assess other wear parts at this time.
Well-worn hooks (CL2-H2) or damaged/loose pins (CL2-P2) should be replaced. These parts are available for purchase from your Kelly dealer.

We respect that our products are best developed with our customers and therefore welcome your feedback for our ongoing product development.