Create the ultimate crop with the Kelly Tillage System

Why Cover Crops?

The Kelly Tillage System can create the cover crop by breaking down the residue, turning and mixing topsoil while applying the seed mix.  It also levels ruts left by sprayers, irrigation pivots and harvest equipment while creating the ultimate cover crop seed bed.   

Minimise nutrient loss and compaction

Maintain soil ecology

Help decrease erosion

The perfect & multi-use tool

This can be produced with just one pass with the Kelly Model 46 machine, which allows the Kelly Seeder to be attached. The Kelly Seeder is placed in the middle of the Model 46 for easy access. Alternatively, you can use any other Kelly Tillage System model, and use an after-market seeder to achieve seedbed preparation, establishment and incorporation of cover crops all in one pass.  A one pass application to your crop allows for effective cost and time savings, along with increased productivity.  Many of our current customers use the Kelly Tillage system behind a spreader truck to incorporate their cover crop mix with great success.  

At the opposite end of the season, the Kelly can be used to mulch it back into the ground, while only moving the topsoil to air the surface and prepare the seedbed.

Along with allowing the seeds to be broadcasted closer to the ground, another benefit of the one pass application with the Kelly Tillage System is excellent seed to soil contact.  This gives the seeds the opportunity to germinate within the same day, as well as reduce the risks that may damage or impact your cover crop, such birds disrupting/consuming the seeds, or the wind blowing away the seeds.

The Kelly Tillage System

Creating the perfect conditions

Get the best crop

Having precisely placed seeds at the desired depth, good seed soil contact along with consistent soil density for roots to penetrate is the best place for crops to begin.

Best accuracy and productivity

The Disc Chains will work throughout the field to level the surface, which includes smoothing out wheel ruts and eliminating weeds

Soil Moisture Protection

It creates a mulch layer of residue that protects soil moisture and erosion before the establishment of the cover crop

Customers reviews

"Along with the Kelly, we have the cover crop seeder to go along with it and in the last year we’ve had pretty good luck with it. It does a great job, you can spread in the wind and you can spread whenever time you’re doing it all in one pass."
Dustin Oehme
Kansas USA

Make a smooth and perfect seedbed

The Kelly Tillage System is a true dual-purpose machine and has multiple uses on the farm.  When not in use to sow cover crops it can be used to manage residue and weeds, incorporate fertilizer, or create the ultimate seed bed working in front of the planter.  With a shallow working depth, the Kelly Tillage System preserves soil moisture and avoids hard panning or compaction. Because of the smooth, consistent surface preparation created by the Kelly, planter accuracy and speed are at its peak. This ensures that the roots do not meet any sudden changes in soil density which sends them off sideways, and instead they keep growing down. Quality preparation leads to optimal seedbed, which will give the best chance of optimal crops. Kelly Tillage is at the forefront in sustainable seedbed preparation and creating conditions that keep soil moist and even in density. Our smooth seedbed provides optimal planter performance, even germination and early plant growth because of the ideal seeding condition.

Your cover crop is more important than you may believe