Tillage: Make Stubble Management Simple

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Break down residue

Minimise fuel costs

Preserve soil structure

Insulating Ground Cover

You can’t control nature, but you can prepare for it. The Kelly Tillage System knocks down residue to leave a protective mulch layer that insulates the seedbed against erosion from wind and water. This allows for year-round ground cover, providing an environment that promotes decomposition, increases soil carbon and protects the soil structure.

Chop, Roll and Pulverise

Heavy crop residue is no match for the range of Kelly Disc Chains. Our versatile CL1 Discs roll over residue, crushing and pulverising matter with their blunted edge, while the sharp-edged CL2 Discs chop and slice residue in all conditions with ease. It doesn’t stop there – from the less aggressive W36 to the specialised Spiked Disc, each Kelly Disc Chain offers a unique approach to post-harvest work.

“In the spring, it just obliterates stalks. In the fall, it’s tougher but if we can get them on that decaying process a little quicker, it’ll help the next spring. It speeds up the deterioration of the stalks… The residue is the last thing to fall since it’s the lightest. The dirt hits the ground first and you’ve still got the residue on the surface where it should be.”

Gerald Scheckel, Kansas, USA.

Superior Efficiency

Low wear rate, low horsepower and low cost – the high-performance Kelly Tillage System boosts efficiency in multiple areas with its innovative design. Our durable frames and long-lasting Disc Chains help farmers to cut costs on fuel, labour and maintenance.


James Burge, Cootamundra NSW

Initially we bought the Kelly for levelling country and getting a ryegrass germination, which is a bit of an issue for us here. It’s done a fantastic job of smashing canola stubbles so that we can sow through them.

Aldo Smaniotto, Southern Iowa, USA

It’s versatile; we use it in the fall for corn stalks, we use it in the spring for beans and corn stalks…As far as I’m concerned, I’d hate to ever farm without one.

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