Our Mission

Improving soil health now and for future generations.

The Kelly Story

The Flinders Ranges

The Kelly head office is located on the family farm, 10km south of Booleroo Centre in the northern agricultural region of South Australia. Nestled in the foothills of the rugged and picturesque Flinders Ranges, Booleroo Centre hosts a number of agricultural machinery producers, importers and resellers.

The Southern Flinders Ranges is a recognised producer of high-quality goods, from organic fruit to fine wine. Premium wheat, malt barley, wool, forestry, horticulture and seafood combined with spectacular scenery and genuine people make this area a pleasure to live in and visit.

The Kelly family connection with Booleroo Centre stretches back to 1875, when their forefathers settled on the farm where our factory now stands.

Why Us?

Kelly Engineering is a family business with strong values. We believe in servicing our customers well, caring for our staff and ensuring that our products contribute to sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture for us means improvements in soil structure and productivity, build up of soil carbon, best use of soil moisture, integrated weed management and improved economic margins.

It is our aim to have satisfied customers promoting our products and contributing to our continued improvement.

Our staff are critical members of the Kelly Engineering team and their dedication and pride is demonstrated in each and every product we sell.

Our Values


We respect that our products are best developed with our customers


We will always provide the best quality


We will respect our people and help them to be successful


We stand by our commitments

Continuous Improvement

When we make a mistake we will fix it and we will learn how not to make the same mistake again