Better Tillage.
Better Tomorrow.

The future of KELLY

Our history of invention has positioned KELLY as a world-leading innovator of shallow tillage technology. We’re celebrating this history with a brand refresh that cuts to the heart of who we are.

Elevating our visual identity

Our new logo proudly draws attention to our history, with a diamond icon that reflects the unique design of our tillage equipment. We’ve also adopted a deeper green which better matches our product range.

Define, refine, refocus: the pillars of KELLY


KELLY remains solution-focused and customer centric, with an earned reputation as a trusted voice in global agriculture.


We’re committed to championing sustainable agriculture throughout our business, considering both environmental and commercial longevity.


Innovation is at the core of KELLY; necessity-driven invention, continuous improvement and intelligent design are the pillars our brand was built on.

Keeping our brand promise

The KELLY brand promise is built upon the foundation of supporting the farmers leading the effort for a better farming future.

Better Tillage promises that a KELLY seedbed not only has a far lighter impact on the soil and the environment but outperforms other tillage methods in many ways. Additionally, the economical benefits that accompany the versatility and ingenuity of KELLY tillage equipment – offering multiple configurations and onepass solutions – promises a better bottom-line.

Better Tomorrow promises a brighter and healthier future for all of us. The shared hope for a ‘Better Tomorrow’ speaks to the environmental and commercial motivations of farmers worldwide. Furthermore, ‘Better Tomorrow’ is a promise from the KELLY team to constantly improve; just like the farmer, our job is never finished.