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Model 2006

The Model 2006 employs an offset diamond chain configuration to enhance centerline overlap. This streamlined design incorporates hydraulic chain tensioning and boasts consistent wing and transport wheels, significantly elevating stability and ease of maintenance. Its floating wings meticulously trace soil contours, ensuring a uniform cut even in uneven landscapes, effectively handling undulating terrain.


Multiple hitch options

Same size wheels, minimising bounce/adding better floatation

Greasable major wear point/
wheel bearings

Floating wing cylinders


- Transport
Length: 10.4m
Width: 2.4m
Height: 4.1m (can be reduced to 3.6m)
- Max. Width (unfolded): 7.4m
- Cut Width: 6.3m

Average Performance

- At 10km/hr: 6.4ha/hr
- At 12km/hr: 7.7ha/hr


- Total Weight (without discs): 2750kg
- Total Axle Load: 4000kg


- Main Axle: Monroc 606XF track 2100mm
(hydraulic/pneumatic brake options)
- Wing Stubs: Monroc 606XR

Operating Information

- Speed: 6-8mph - Fuel Consumption*: approx. 2.5-4 l/ha

*(Fuel Consumption - typical for 6-8mph
*(Fuel Consumption - average conditions)

Main and Wing: 11.5/80-15.3



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