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Broadacre Farming in Australia: What is it?


Broadacre farming in Australia is the term you mostly hear in this country. If you are interested in understanding what broadacre farming is? 

What are its sustainable land management practices? You might even want to explore reliable farm implements designed for it. In this context, Kelly Tillage is a brand worth considering and you are solely looking for it.

Farmers, we recognize the changing demands of your broadacre farms. In response, Kelly Tillage proudly presents an exceptional product line designed to simplify your operations and enhance your farming experience.

We are committed to manufacturing products that support sustainable agriculture. We care for you thus making farming easier for all Australian farmers. 

Read this blog until the very end to extract the maximum knowledge.

What is Broadacre Farming 

Broadacre farming mainly involves managing farming operations that focus on the cultivation of crops or the raising of livestock that are better suited for large-scale production.

Broadacre crops involve the cultivation of barley, wheat, sorghum, peas, hemp, maize, sunflower, or safflower, as well as raising grazing livestock for wool or meat production.

It stands apart from conventional farming in several essential aspects, notably the necessity for a sizable support team of farmers and the utilisation of specialised technology. If done correctly, it can be a superb investment for your farm.  

The more extensive the operation, the greater the need for precise management to ensure everything stays on the right track.

For decades, farmers have been seeking higher profits by using advanced technology to save on labour costs, expanding the size of their farms, and using fewer chemicals to fulfil their corporate social responsibility. 

If you’re a farmer with the viewpoint described, then Kelly Tillage farm equipment is exactly what you need. Continue reading to discover more about these implements, which are sure to be a perfect fit for your large-scale farm.

Sustainable Land Management Practices in Broadacre Farming 

Broadacre farming has inspired farming operations to adopt sustainable land management practices. Farmers have come up with various strategies to increase their profit margins while maintaining the sustainability of their farms. The most significant methods include:

Reducing Fertiliser Use  

This farming method aims to minimise the use of fertilisers by integrating crop residue or mulch into the soil. This mulch nourishes both the soil and the crops, promoting strong growth without the need for nitrogen-based fertilisers.

As a result, this practice promotes better crop health and benefits the local environment. Farmers can reduce their concerns about chemicals accumulating in the soil and negatively impacting future crops during the next growing season.

Residue Management made Simple, Chop, Roll & Pulverise With Kelly 

Kelly Harrow 3009 is best for residue management, it offers improved performance with its floating wing cylinders delivering consistent results across its 8.8-meter cutting width. It preserves soil structure and minimises fuel costs.

Weed Management 

Another sustainable approach widely adopted by large-scale farming operations involves weed management. Instead of relying on chemical herbicides, farmers employ mechanical methods for controlling weeds. 

These natural weed management tools are put into action to target and reduce their populations significantly while simultaneously safeguarding the crops from further damage. 

Mechanical weed control is considered environmentally friendly as it minimises the use of harmful chemicals, promoting healthier ecosystems and reducing the risk of chemical residues in the environment. 

This method offers an eco-conscious alternative for farmers to maintain crop health while reducing the negative impacts associated with chemical herbicides.

Cut Back on Herbicide Use with the Kelly Tillage System   

Kelly Disc Chains offers a valuable solution for weed control and involves a range of options such as the CL2 Disc Chain, CL1 Disc Chain, and the Spiked Disc Chain. Our distinct Disc Chain technology excels at removing existing weeds, pulling them to the surface where they die away. 

But that’s not the extent of its capabilities, the shallow action of the Disc Chains also encourages weed seeds to sprout. 

By promoting a consistent emergence of seasonal weeds before planting, a single pass with Kelly Disc Chains can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a herbicide application.

Using Water Sustainably  

Many large-scale farming operations employ precision watering methods to carefully manage water usage for their crops. This technology, along with the selection of soil types that have good water retention properties, allows farmers to optimise water consumption. By doing so, they can plant crops more densely while efficiently utilising water resources. 

Additionally, the use of biological stimulants in the soil initiates a beneficial cycle that enhances crop strength against challenging conditions like heat, drought, and cold, further increasing the overall sustainability and productivity of the farming operation.

Crop Distribution 

A noteworthy trend is the increasing adoption of tarp curtains as a practical alternative in massive-scale farming. 

Tarp refers to a specialised covering made of strong material, like a large sheet, which is used in this type of farming operation to cover and secure crops during transportation. 

These tarps can be easily adjusted to fit different sizes of vehicles, such as trucks or semi-trucks. They are especially useful because they make the process of loading and unloading crops much faster than traditional trucks. 

Additionally, these are double as a way to keep the crops in place during transport, eliminating the need for additional equipment like barriers, poles, or ropes. 

This efficient system helps speed up the delivery process, resulting in quicker transportation times and ultimately more profits that can be reinvested into the farming operation.

Adopting Modern Technology

This substantial-scale farming uses advanced technology to make farming more efficient and give farmers better control over their crops. 

This technology is integrated into machines like tractors and harvesters, which have GPS systems and computers on board. GPS helps farmers apply fertilisers accurately and make perfectly straight rows of crops.

In addition to GPS-based solutions, another prominent technological tool generates detailed maps. These systems enable farmers to monitor crucial factors such as moisture levels, crop yield, organic matter content, nitrogen, and nutrient levels, as well as terrain features.

 By using this upgraded technology, farmers can easily see how different fields produce different results based on various factors, allowing them to make informed decisions for their farming operations.


Using Kelly Tillage equipment can significantly enhance the success of your broadacre farming in Australia. Our equipment is known for its efficiency in preparing large fields for planting and ensuring optimal soil health.

 With its effectiveness, farmers can maximise crop yields and minimise resource wastage, making it a valuable farming system for productive farming practices in Australia.

Farmers connect with Kelly today, let’s cultivate success together!