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Levelling Soil with the Kelly Model 3009


The process of levelling soil shares a strong resemblance with the ignition of a car’s engine. Just as a car requires that initial spark to spring to life, a farm’s prosperity depends upon the important task of soil levelling.

Imagine the farm as a canvas, waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece; without precise soil levelling, this canvas remains unprepared, unable to yield the sufficient harvests it’s capable of. 

In the world of farmlands, the significance of flawless soil leveller cannot be overstated. It is the bedrock upon which successful farming ventures are built. 

Levelling soil with the Kelly Model 3009 marks the beginning of a journey toward agricultural excellence. 

With this reliable farm implement at your side, you can cultivate your land with confidence, knowing that it paves the way for high-yield crops and a flourishing farm. Like a trusted companion, it ensures that Australian farmers are in safe hands with Kelly Tillage.

Before we get into the detailed discussion of the theme, it’s essential to grasp the importance of soil levelling.

Importance of Soil Levelling

Soil levelling in farming is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it promotes uniformity in the field, ensuring that crops receive an even distribution of water and nutrients, which is essential for optimal growth and yield. 

Secondly, it aids in efficient water management by preventing the formation of low spots where water can accumulate, potentially leading to waterlogging and root rot. 

When a field is not properly levelled, irregularities in the terrain can create low spots where water tends to accumulate. This can be problematic for several reasons. Firstly, excess water in these low spots can lead to waterlogging, which occurs when the soil becomes saturated with water, depriving plant roots of oxygen. 

This lack of oxygen can damage or kill the crop roots, ultimately restricting crop growth or causing plant death. Furthermore, waterlogged soil can promote the development of root rot pathogens, which thrive in wet conditions and can further harm the plants.

Additionally, a level soil surface facilitates the use of farm machinery, such as disc harrows and harvesters, reducing the risk of equipment damage and increasing overall productivity. 

Considering its importance, Kelly Tillage has manufactured one of the finest soil levellers to help your farm excel. If you’re curious to learn more, keep reading, as Kelly is deeply committed to supporting Australian farmers.

Levelling Soil with the Kelly Model 3009

We hope that you understand the significance of soil levelling clearly. Now let’s explore how the Kelly Model 3009, an exceptional soil leveller, accomplishes its tasks flawlessly.

Floating Wing Cylinders

This feature indicates that Model 3009 has the capability to adjust to the contours of the field. This will allow the machine to follow the natural shape of the farmland, which can help in achieving a more even and level soil surface.

When the tillage equipment can adapt to the ground’s variations, it helps in preventing unevenness in the soil.

Increased Ground Clearance 

This Kelly diamond harrow offers increased ground clearance. This added clearance can be beneficial when working in fields with uneven surfaces or crop residue.

It helps prevent the equipment from getting stuck or causing soil disturbances, which can lead to more level soil after tilling.

Cut Width 

The wide cutting width of 8.8 metres in Model 3009 suggests that this farm equipment can cover a large area efficiently. 

When used properly, it can contribute to more consistent and uniform tillage across the field, which can lead to improved levelling of soil.

Forged Pivots 

Forged pivots enhance joint strength, which is crucial for maintaining stability and control while the disc harrow is in operation. 

This added strength allows the harrow to effectively penetrate the soil and level it without the risk of components bending or breaking. 

Reworked Drawbar

A “reworked drawbar” means that the part of the disc harrow used to connect it to a tractor or other towing vehicle has been redesigned or modified. This modification makes it easier for the disc harrow to turn more sharply when moving through the field. 

In simple terms, it allows the harrow to make tighter and more controlled turns, which is helpful for ensuring that the harrow covers the entire field evenly and disturbs the soil uniformly. This results in a smoother and more level soil surface for farming.

Greaseable Service Points and Hubs

Greasable service points and hub refer to specific areas and parts on the disc harrow that require regular lubrication with grease, a thick, oily substance. This lubrication is essential because it helps reduce friction and wear on critical components of the harrow. 

By keeping these points and hubs properly lubricated, the disc harrow can operate smoothly without excessive mechanical resistance. 

This, in turn, minimises the chances of uneven soil levelling caused by mechanical issues, ensuring that the harrow can effectively break up soil clods and create a more consistent and level surface for farming operations.

High-Strength Steel

The use of high-strength steel in the construction of a harrow with a disc has several benefits. It makes the harrow lighter in weight while making it more durable. When a harrow is lighter, it becomes easier to move and exerts less pressure on the ground.

This is important because less ground pressure can help prevent the soil from getting compressed or compacted, which is good for maintaining a more even and healthy soil surface

Sealed Jockey Wheel Bearing

Having a sealed jockey wheel bearing means that farmers don’t have to spend as much time fixing or adjusting the jockey wheel. This leads to less downtime for the Kelly Diamond Harrow, as it doesn’t need to be taken out of operation for repairs or adjustments as often. 

As a result, this farm machinery can spend more time doing its primary job, which is levelling the soil and making improvements to the field conditions. 


In conclusion, the Model 3009 disc harrow, with its exceptional durability, impressive manoeuvrability, and ease of maintenance, stands as a demonstration of Kelly Tillage commitment to providing farm implements designed for the specific needs of farmers.

We take great pride in manufacturing tillage tools that are ideally suited for the unique terrain and the dedicated farmers of Australia. Our mission is to support and empower Australian agriculture, contributing to the prosperity of this great nation through farming.