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Why is Spiked Disc Chain is effective for weed control?

The reliance of farmers on herbicides is causing a dual problem – financial and environmental. The use of herbicides on a continuous basis leads to the emergence of weed varieties that become resistant to the chemicals, which increases the financial burden on farmers as they need to spend more money on herbicides. 

This is a vicious cycle because the more herbicides are used, the more resistant weeds emerge, resulting in even higher herbicide expenses.

Additionally, overuse of herbicides leaves a significant amount of chemicals in the soil, which creates environmental concerns. These chemicals can have adverse effects on soil quality and can also enter water sources, leading to contamination and negative impacts on wildlife and aquatic life. 

The Kelly Tillage System provides a viable solution to the challenges posed by the overreliance on herbicides. This system offers an alternative approach to weed control, reducing the need for herbicides and preventing the development of resistance to chemicals.

Kelly Tillage farm equipment have proven to be highly effective in two areas of weed management: controlling existing weeds and preventing early germination of weed seeds.They are used to mechanically break up soil and uproot existing weeds, effectively eliminating them from the field. 

In addition to controlling existing weeds, these disc chains are also effective in preventing the early germination of weed seeds. The chains are designed to break up the soil and create a fine seedbed, which makes it difficult for weed seeds to germinate. This is particularly important because early intervention is key in preventing weed growth.

The utilisation of several Kelly Discs such as the CL2 Disc Chain, CL1 Disc Chain, and Spiked Disc Chain can simplify the process of weed management. These farming equipment offers a reliable and sustainable alternative to herbicides. It allows farmers to maintain their fields without harming the environment and at a lower cost.

Spiked Disc Chain 

For a weed-free crop, make sure to equip your farming toolkit with Spiked Disc Chain!

Attain effortless and practical weed control with this durable disc.

The Spiked Disc Chain features 10 spikes per disc and can be set up in either a trailing or leading position. With a weight of 49 lb/ft or 75 kg-m, its closed spikes offer versatile functionality, enabling them to be installed in either a trailing or leading position. When used in the trailing orientation, it serves as a soil leveller that incorporates the spikes into the soil, creating a self-cleaning seedbed preparation tool. 

This tool’s unique design improves soil aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient absorption, all of which contribute to healthy plant growth and increased crop yields. 

The self-cleaning feature of the Spiked Disc Chain also means less maintenance and cleaning time for farmers, freeing them up for other essential tasks.

In addition, when it is used in its more aggressive leading orientation, it serves as a valuable tool for light tillage. Its spiky discs are designed to penetrate the soil and break it up, preparing the soil for planting by levelling and creating a smooth seedbed. 

This makes it an essential tool for farmers who are looking to create a perfect environment for seed germination and crop growth.

Its shallow working depth and combing action allow it to remove weeds effectively without disturbing the soil structure. 

With its lightweight design and efficient weed removal capabilities, the Spiked Disc Chain can greatly increase farming efficiency. It can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time than other implements, making it a must-have tool for large-scale farming operations.


  1. Unit Weight: 10kg
  2. Diameter: 325mm
  3. Spacing: 125mm
  4. Chain Weight: 80 kg/m


Farmers find the Spiked Disc Chain to be a useful tool as it offers a highly efficient and effective way to remove weeds and create a weed-free seedbed for planting. With weeds removed, crops face less competition for essential resources such as nutrients, water, and sunlight, ultimately leading to better yields.

In summary, the Spiked Disc Chain is a highly beneficial tool for farmers as it facilitates the creation of a weed-free environment for crops, encourages healthy soil structure, and improves overall farming efficiency. By incorporating this Disc Chain into their agricultural practices, farmers can increase crop yields and achieve greater success in their farming operations.