Are you having trouble
with wet ground?
Are you having trouble with wet planting conditions?
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At Kelly, we understand how inconvenient wet conditions can be.

Water-logged or flooded fields can prove difficult for farmers. A wet spring can change soil conditions and cause delays with planting. With a range of ground-engaging Disc Chains, the Kelly Tillage System is the shallow-working specialist you need. This unique tool is able to get into wet fields earlier than other machines to warm and dry out the soil surface for planting.

The Right Tool for the Job

The secret to the Kelly Tillage System’s unique performance in wet conditions lies in the nature of the Kelly Disc Chains. The discs are attached to a flexible chain gang that closely follows surface contours. The strength of the chain, in combination with the disc design and the angle of attack, regulates the cutting depth. This means that Kelly Disc Chains will only work the top 1-3 inches of soil – even in wet conditions. By controlling depth with design features rather than relying on frame weight, Kelly tools are able to operate in soils that may be too wet for other equipment. That means an earlier start to planting and less time spent waiting for the soil to dry.

Don’t let wheel ruts slow you down.

As well as warming up the soil and airing out the surface, the Kelly Tillage System is able to eliminate wheel ruts and contour banks. The diamond-shaped chain layout evenly distributes soil to either side, leaving a smooth and level surface for planting.


How does it work?

The Perfect Discs for Working Wet

CL1 Disc Chain

The most versatile of the Kelly Disc Chains, the CL1 is a concave disc made from hardwearing cast steel alloy, with a hook and eye to link together.

The CL1 Disc is ideal for levelling soil and working at just the right depth to create the perfect seedbed. It can also be used for residue management

W36 Disc Chain

The W36 Disc Chain is a lightly curved disc made from hardened wear resistant steel plate, welded onto a heavy chain. This disc is ideal for wet and sticky soils. It is also ideal for mulching stubble and levelling soil.

A combination of CL1 Disc Chains front and W36 rear provides a low-cost and easy-pulling option that handles wet conditions with ease.

Customer Testimonials

“It’s not a deep tillage tool, but it dries and airs out just enough ground to make it plantable, and that’s what’s helped us in the last few years.”
Dustin Oehme
Kansas, USA
“It gets over the ground a lot faster to get [the soil] dried out, and it prepares our seedbed very well.”
Travis Matthews
Missouri, USA