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5 Benefits Of The Kelly Tillage System

Tillage is the age-old method of churning the earth in order to prepare it for agricultural needs. Once a farming season ends and the yield is harvested, the land needs to be tilled to create a seedbed for the next season. In the ancient days, tillage would be performed through basic tools pulled by animals, and later by tractors. But if you’re still using the same tools even now then you’re basically harming your farmland!

Agro-science has developed rapidly in the past decade, and with it has come new machines that can not only perform the tasks with ease but also provide better results.

One such revolutionary tool is the Kelly Tillage System. It is nothing short of a game-changer and here are the advantages that it can provide you with.

·      Perfect seedbed creation

When creating a seedbed, various aspect needs to be kept in mind. Such as not allowing the integrity of the soil to be diminished in the process, or ensuring that the nutrient levels stay intact. Traditional tillage tools dig deep into the ground and in the long run, destroy soil integrity.

Rather, if you were to use the Kelly Tillage System the tillage level will not only be shallow, but it will also ensure that a perfect and even seedbed is prepared. So, you will receive all the benefits of a perfect tillage process while not harming the earth at all.

·      Weed control

Herbicides are a danger to the soil quality. At the same time, they are also necessary to get rid of the weeds that grow continually. The best way out lies with the Kelly Tillage System. Its disc-chain mechanism allows for a mulching action throughout the soil and evenly removes all weed in its path.

Long term herbicide usage can also result in increased resistance to the chemicals. This increases the need for herbicides and further destroys the soil quality. Shift to the Kelly Tillage System and say goodbye to herbicides forever.

·      Stubble Management

Before preparing the seedbed, it is necessary to manage the leftover stubble from the previous season. For this reason, Kelly Tillage System has come up with an effective solution.

The disc-chain mechanism-based Kelly Tillage System breaks down the stubble such that it can bio-degrade with ease. This, in turn, enriches the soil as the nutrients from the stubble renters the soil through the bio-degradation process.

·      Easy seeding

It usually takes a farmer a few rounds on the field to prepare the seedbed and a final round to lay down the seeds. With the help of the Kelly Tillage System, this entire process can be brought down to a single sweep. The machine is absolutely moveable in all directions and can be made to fit any area as the disc-chain mechanism controls the movement.

Furthermore, the seeding process will be absolutely even and you will never need to look back after you have made around on the farm. Bring down your labor costs with the help of Kelly Tillage System.

·      Cost-effective

Seedbed preparation or tilling, in general, can be a very costly process. There is a large number of labor costs involved, and there is also the continuous maintenance cost of the tools. The Kelly Tillage System ensures that such costs can be minimised. The machine has a warranty so any dysfunction will be dealt with free of cost and you will also save a ton on fuel costs, etc.

Shifting to the Kelly Tillage System is the first step anyone can take towards a smarter farming process. It elevates your process towards one that provides you the maximum benefit and allows you to increment your yield like never before.

If you live in Europe you should be able to access the Kelly Tillage System from your local dealer. Head over to our website to know your closest dealer of Kelly Tillage System. Revolutionise your farm and step into the future of agriculture. Bring home the Kelly Tillage system today.