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Disc Chain Mechanism And How Does It Help The Agro-Industry

The farming community has moved ahead in the last decade like no other. With the addition of various cutting-edge agricultural tools to the farmer’s arsenal, the entire farming process has been revolutionised. One such tool is the disc chain mechanism.

The disc chain mechanisms were originally introduced as a stubble reside control tool for farmers. But with our unique innovations, we were able to convert them into machines that can perform end to end tillage process related tasks.

Kelly’s disc chain based machines can help with seedbed preparation, weed control, mulching tasks, and various others. Some of the discs used are the CL1 and CL2 with their versatility, the W36 for perfect soil mulching, spiked discs that are highly effective, and a large of other specialised disc systems.

Have a look at some of the benefits of the disc chain mechanism used in Kelly Tillage Systems.

Soil quality maintenance

The removal of the previous harvest’s stubble is an important process while preparing the seedbed. Many farmers around the world tend to burn stubble. However, this harms both the soil quality and the environment at large. With the help of disc chain mechanism-based tools, the stubble can be removed without causing such harm.

Kelly tillage systems breakdown the stubble to its root and help increase the bio-degradation process. So, not only are you relieved of the burning task, but the nutrients from the stubble again enter the soil and enrich it. This further helps prepare a seedbed with high nutrient quantity.

Herbicide control

Herbicide is one of the primary factors that destroy your farming quality. Not only is it dangerous to the crops but it is also easy to become dependent on chemicals for weed control. The mulching chains of a disc chain based tillage tool will ensure that weeds are thoroughly removed while creating the seedbed.

The disc chain mechanism allows for controlling the tillage level. If you choose a shallow tillage level (recommended by experts) you will be able to take care of the weeds in one single swoop. The lesser herbicide you use the better your crop quality and harvest will be.

Rough soil handling

Discs have been used to prepare furrows and seedbeds for a long time. But the addition of the chain system to it has allowed for a wider range of possibilities. One of them is the ability to plough even the roughest of fields. If you are used to conventional tillage methods, you surely know how difficult this process can get. But with a Kelly Engineering tool, ploughing a rough field will be no hassle at all.

The tension, depth, and size of the discs can be controlled via the chain and this allows for choosing the perfect amount of pressure required for each type of soil. With a singular investment, you will be able to ensure that your entire tillage process never seems like a task ever again.

Overall budget saving

Running a farm like a pro can be a costly process. And while it may seem like the Kelly Tillage System is a big dip into your savings, it is actually the opposite. Not only will you save a ton on fuel costs since this tool will ensure that your seedbed is created in one swoop, but you will also receive a lifetime warranty allowing you to never spend on maintenance.

Furthermore, the disc chain mechanism will ensure that your process becomes as streamlined as possible. This further ensures that you receive the maximum amount of return on your investment. The removal of herbicide dependency is also a massive budget controlling factor.

If you want to establish a modern farming process that concentrates on your soil quality as well as increasing your harvest capacity, then the disc chain based Kelly Tillage System is definitely for you! The product is available across Europe and you need to contact your local dealer to start making the best out of your farm.

The Kelly Tillage System is aimed to benefit a farming process that wants to receive the best out of the soil. This is why we concentrate on ensuring your tillage process is perfected from beginning to end.