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An Australian ag machinery manufacturer plans to build a $2 million assembly facility in Rogersville, Missouri. Kelly Tillage specializes in the production of shallow tillage disc-chain technology. CEO Calvin Stead says the new plant will create 22 jobs and will help the company grow its North American market. Governor Mike Parson says the state’s ag […]

Unprecedented Demand Sees Company Hire Out Entire Kelly Chain Fleet

DIGGING IT: The business runs Kelly diamond harrow frames and a range of chains depending on the application. Photos: Supplied Demand for harrows is being driven by herbicide costs, higher rainfall, labour shortages and a lack of new machines. Despite the winter crop plant being months away, an equipment hire company near Goondiwindi is experiencing […]

Kelly Engineering: Ploughing Ahead for Future Generations

Kelly Engineering hopes their tillage device will improve soil conditions for future generations. Source: Kelly Engineering Kelly Engineering’s ‘diamond harrow’ is a tillage device that reduces the need for chemical pesticides by removing weeds. Australian farmers have a long history of innovation and adapting equipment to better cultivate the land, often in harsh outback conditions. […]

Kelly is broadening horizons

According to a company spokesman, South Australian manufacturer Kelly Engineering has expanded its horizons this year, making successful forays into markets in South Africa and Europe. In May, the company attended NAMPO Harvest Day in Bothaville, South Africa. Having been hit especially hard by both rising herbicide prices and increasing herbicide resistance, South African farmers […]

Review: Kelly Diamond Harrow

Brent Lilley puts the Kelly Diamond Harrow to test and finds that the well-thought-out design of the machine ensures it is equipped to handle whatever is thrown at it. It seems to be pretty common with all farming enterprises that profit margins are constantly being squeezed. As cost inputs rise and sale prices fall, often […]

Cover crop: South Australian diamond harrow seeder captures US market

A SOUTH Australian company is getting in on the ground floor of the US cover crop boom with its diamond harrow seeder. COVER cropping is a new catchphrase in the US according to South Australian engineer Shane Kelly, whose diamond harrow with a broadcast seeder attached is built to capture the market. The idea of […]