5 Tips for the Best Seedbed Preparation

The manifestation of great products through perfect seedbeds is the most valued reward. Successful germination of seeds depends heavily upon how accurate you are in following the sowing rules regarding seedbed preparation. Should you be a beginner in the sowing department or an experienced sower, there are certain tricks of the trade that you must know. Seedbed preparation is as vital as laying the foundation for a home.

With newer and better tillage and seedbed preparation techniques as introduced by Kelly Engineering, the process has become easy and convenient.

A good seedbed leads to multiple good results, the major benefits being as below:

  • Creation of a perfect environment for seed survival and even incorporation
  • Retention of moisture in and around the seed leads to improved seed quality
  • Minimization of Soil Erosion
  • Weed control
  • Cost and time saving

The preparation of seedbed is vital for a perfect harvest. There are ways in which seedbed preparation can lead to astounding yields and desired results. Following 5 tips will provide necessary insight into preparing the best seedbed:

1.    Tillage

In today’s competitive times, sticking to primitive man-oriented methods of soil preparation is a passé. Tillage comes forward as a mechanical rescue for soil preparation. Kelly Tillage Systems have the idiosyncratic diamond-shaped Tillage system that ensures a perfect seedbed. Kelly Tillage system renders a soil preparation support through perfect management of residue; control of weed and incorporation of moisture- all aspects that are necessary for a great seedbed. The Kelly Tillage system turns out to be an all-rounder, cost effecting and time-saving tip for great seedbed preparation.

2.    Residue Management

Residues are the inescapable part of seedbed preparation, and also the most challenging one. Handling the residue in a strategic manner is paramount for the best seedbed preparation. The Kelly Diamond Harrow is aboon for residue management challenges. The Kelly Diamond Harrow is featured with robust disc chains that conveniently split even the hardest residual. It tends to enhance the decomposition process. Hence, this helps in saving a lot of fuel and labor that is otherwise involved in the tedious task of residue management.

3.    Combat Weeds

It is necessary to deal with the obvious challenges arising in seedbed preparation. The major challenge being weed control needs to be tackled with strategic machinery. Kelly Disc Chains, featured with immensely powerful CL2 discs provide great results as far as weed control is concerned. The other major benefit of this is the major cost saving in Herbicide.

4.    Soil Moisture

Retaining the moisture of the soil is of prime importance. It is necessary to retain the ecology of the soil so as to ensure minimal soil erosion. In a single pass itself, Kelly Disc Chain ensured an efficient mix of the top oil during the application of the seed mix. This ensures retention of moisture in the soil and perfect seedbed that works as a foundation for seed mixes. Through the usage of the right technology like Kelly Disc Chains, it is possible to induce moisture in the soil and make seedbed a quick and efficient process.

5.    Dealing with soil erosion

Soil erosion is inevitable by virtue of environmental factors. However, there are efficient ways of dealing with soil erosion. While mulching, planting a cover crop, etc. have been manual ways of soil erosion prevention, there are better techniques now. The range of Kelly Disc Chains helps in minimizing soil erosion and ensuring that the soil quality is retained.

Final Words

The importance of perfect seedbed cannot be undermined. It is paramount for good crop germination. A perfect seedbed can lead to amazing results in germination. Added benefits also render substantial cost savings and labour saving. With an increase and advancement in technology, the creation of the perfect seedbed is made much easier than it used to be.

Kelly Engineering, render efficient and time-saving solutions for all sowing and seeding issues. Kelly Engineering continues to awe their patrons in Australia, Europe, and the US with their efficient solutions like perfect seedbed preparation. With techniques like Kelly Diamond Shaped Tillage System, Kelly Disc Chains with CL 2 discs, they are a multi-faceted boon for crop generation.