Australische kettingschijfeg maakt opwachting in Benelux

Agro-Bio-Solutions from Haren represents the Australian Kelly Engineering in the Benelux.

The first demos in the Netherlands with the striking chain disc harrow are now behind us.

“There has been a lot of phone calls and talks about it.”

Martin Heerema of Agro-Bio-Solutions wanted to add the Kelly Diamond Harrow, with a working width of six and nine meters, to his range. “The machine is in line with the trend of keeping soil life intact, less spraying agents and minimal tillage.”

Kelly Tillage System 
The diamond-shaped harrow, the Kelly Tillage System, is a striking tool that can be used for multiple operations. From preparing the seedbed, stubble cultivation or mechanical weed control to incorporating manure. The discs are attached to a chain.

Corn stalk borer 
“We see that keeping the soil life intact is becoming increasingly important. This is a very easy way of preparing seedbed and incorporating green manures. We also see that the corn stalk borer is becoming an increasingly topical subject. You want to break the stem for that and the machine has already proven itself in Germany. ” Heerema is also positive because the tool shows wear and tear and has a high capacity.

Demos with stubble edits 
Heerema played the first demos in the autumn. At the time, it involved the incorporation of the last wheat flock and other stubble operations. Interest was considerable. He expects a considerable flood, especially in the spring. “We have to wait for dry weather or frost to work in green manure. The chain disc harrow can of course be used for all kinds of applications. This processing in combination with uprooting weeds and thus handing them over to the weather gods. ” The six-meter chain disc harrow with the standard chain requires a tractor of at least 120 hp. A more extensive article about the Kelly Diamond Harrow can be found in De Loonwerker edition 3 of March 2020 or read more below.