How is Kelly Tillage Technology Best for Stubble Management?


Every farmer understands the significance of proper stubble management post-harvest, as it is crucial in creating an ideal environment for planting the next crop. Breaking down stubble requires both time and energy, and the outcome can be influenced by the level of effort we invest and the assistance we seek.

What is Stubble? 

Stubble in farming refers to the short stalks or stems of plants, left in the field after the main crop has been harvested.

We Make Stubble Management Simple

Kelly’s commitment to sustainable agriculture stands as a cornerstone of its principles. Not only does the company strive for economic success, but it also places equal importance on preserving the environment. 

Our products are designed with an eco-conscious approach, ensuring that they play a positive role in the world of sustainable agriculture.

One of the outcomes of our efforts is Disc Chain, a special tool used for shallow tilling to handle crop stubble.

Chop, Roll and Pulverise with Kelly! 

It’s time to come together and discover the remarkable Kelly Disc Chains, designed to effectively handle stubble management for all of you.

CL2 Disc Chain 

The CL2 Disc effortlessly chop and slice stubble even in the most challenging soils, thanks to its sharp edges. 

The weight and shape of the boss is purposefully designed to ensure a consistent cutting action. 

As the disc moves through the soil, it continuously slices and cuts the stubble, breaking it into smaller, more manageable pieces. This feature offers numerous advantages, including enhanced soil structure, better moisture retention, and the recycling of essential nutrients when the stubble is incorporated back into the soil.

It is designed in a way that controls how deep it goes into the soil. This is helpful in managing stubble. By limiting its working depth, it avoids disturbing the soil too much, which could lead to erosion and the loss of topsoil. 

This is vital in conservation farming, where taking care of the soil’s health and structure is a top concern.


  • Unit Weight: 24kg
  • Chain Weight: 110kg/m
  • Diameter: 360mm
  • Spacing: 215mm

The range of our Discs doesn’t end here!

Starting from the less aggressive W36 to the specialised Spiked Disc, each disc chain provides a distinct and effective way to manage stubble effectively.

Spiked Disc 

The Spiked Discs employ a combing action, instead of forcefully cutting or digging into the soil, it delicately lifts and blends the stubble. This approach is gentle on the soil, minimising disruption while breaking down the stubble into smaller pieces. 

As it’s light in weight thus does not put too much pressure on the tractor or pulling vehicle. This makes the whole process more fuel-efficient and makes it easier to control and move them around the field.

It operates close to the surface without digging deep into the soil. This tool effectively chops and mixes stubble while preserving the soil’s deeper layers, ensuring its fertility remains intact and preventing erosion.


  • Unit Weight: 10kg
  • Chain Weight: 80kg/m
  • Diameter: 325mm
  • Spacing: 125mm


The specific features of the W36 Disc Chain, such as its shallow concave and smooth surface, make it particularly advantageous for stubble management, especially in wet and sticky soils.

This feature allows the disc to effectively cut through and handle challenging conditions, preventing clogging or getting stuck while managing stubble. 

The wear-resistant steel ensures that the disc can withstand the tough and rough nature of crop stubble without getting damaged easily, thereby enhancing its longevity and reliability.


  • Unit Weight: 9kg
  • Chain Weight: 53kg/m
  • Diameter: 318mm
  • Spacing: 170mm


CL1 is a strong and durable circular disc made from tough steel. It has a hook and eye that allows you to connect the discs easily. 

These can last a really long time and you don’t need to do much to keep them in good condition. This way farmers can easily handle the tough stubble without the disc chain getting worn out quickly.


  • Unit Weight: 11.2kg
  • Chain Weight: 70kg/m
  • Diameter: 328mm
  • Spacing: 163mm 

Attention, fellow farmers! 

Time to welcome versatility into your fields and optimise stubble management using our extraordinary Harrows.

Kelly Diamond Harrows are Just the Beginning of a Much Bigger Story!

Model 2006 

The Harrow 2006 features a diamond-pattern arrangement of discs, which ensures excellent ground coverage and efficient centerline overlap. This effective design aids in breaking up and managing stubble uniformly throughout the entire field.

A big plus is that this diamond harrow is compatible with all Kelly Disc Chains. 

It utilises hydraulic tensioning for its discs, maintaining them at the ideal tension level. This ensures their stability and effective operation during stubble management. 

This model has wings and transport wheels that are of uniform size. This smart design enhances the harrow’s stability during operation, making it well-balanced and easy to move across the field. The increased stability not only improves its performance during residue/stubble management but also reduces maintenance issues, leading to better overall functionality.

It has floating wings that are designed to move independently and closely follow the natural contours of the soil. 

This feature proves especially beneficial when operating on undulating or uneven terrain. By adapting to the ground’s shape, the harrow achieves a level cut, ensuring even stubble management without creating high or low spots.

Model 3009 

This Diamond Harrow is designed to effortlessly navigate uneven terrain and obstacles, greatly enhancing its ability to handle stubble.

Thanks to its hydraulic fold system, the machine can compact itself during transportation, enabling easy movement between fields without causing any disruptions. 

These integrated features significantly enhance stubble management efficiency, simplifying the entire process for farmers or operators.


You can’t control nature, but you can get ready for it. The Kelly Tillage Technology  helps by knocking down stubble and creates a protective layer on the soil. This layer prevents erosion caused by wind and water.

It keeps the ground covered all year long, which is good for the soil. It helps with breaking down plant matter, increases soil carbon, and keeps the soil healthy and intact.