Types of Tillage Discs by Kelly Tillage


When it comes to preparing the soil for planting, farmers have been relying on tillage discs for decades. These powerful tools come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.

From traditional ploughs to high-tech discs, the world of tillage equipment is constantly evolving, making it essential for farmers to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements to optimise their yield and maximise their profits.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the various types of tillage discs by Kelly Tillage used for farming. We’ll focus solely on the different types of discs we offer.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these discs can vary greatly depending on various factors, including soil type, crop production, temperature, and other environmental factors.

For example, a specific disc type might work best for heavy clay soils but may be less effective on sandy soils, and vice versa. In dry conditions, a disc may struggle to penetrate the soil and create the desired seedbed, while in wet conditions, it may cause excessive soil compaction.

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Types of Tillage Discs

We are here with disc types Kelly Tillage offers with specific features and specifications. These are popularly used for different purposes. So, let’s get to know them. 

The K4 Disc Chain

The K4 Disc Chain is a special tillage disc designed for enhanced weed control, especially in loam soils. It is a mid-weighted replaceable disc with a sharp edge capable of pulling weeds from the soil, flipping them over and leaving them on the surface to die. According to reports from farmers who have used this method, the K4 Disc Chain has effectively reduced weed density by over 90%.

The K4 Disc Chain has been designed with a focus on simplicity to ensure ease of use for farmers. Its closer disc spacing creates an overlap that enables full soil coverage even at ultra-shallow working depths. Additionally, the smooth disc face minimises residue build-up in wet conditions, further enhancing its efficiency.

Furthermore, the bolt-on design of the K4 Disc Chain enables easy addition or removal of links from the chain without requiring disassembly. These features combined make the Disc Chain a sturdy, straightforward, and dependable tool for farmers.


  • Built for weed control – from the ground up.
  • Minimises residue build-up in wet conditions
  • Superior performance in light to moderate soils.
  • Disc overlap provides>100% soil coverage.
  • Low maintenance 


Unit Weight: 11kg

Total Weight (Per Metre): 68kg/M

Diameter: 330mm

Disc Concavity: 35 Degrees

Spacing: 160mm

CL1 Disc Chain

The CL1 Disc Chain is one of the most versatile and durable tillage discs, with exceptional wear life. It is particularly well-suited for stubble management, operating at a constant and shallow depth for effective weed control and soil levelling. The CL1 Disc Chain can help farmers achieve a smooth and optimal seedbed by preserving soil health and moisture content.


  • Concave disc made from hard-wearing cast steel alloy with hook and eye
  • Extraordinary wear life
  • Maintenance-free


Unit Weight: 11.2kg

Chain Weight: 70kg/m

Diameter: 328mm

Spacing: 163mm

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CL2 Disc Chain

The CL2 Disc is specifically designed for rough conditions and heavy soils. Its unique design enables it to penetrate even the toughest soils, while the weight and shape of the boss allow for effective cutting and limit the working depth. As a result, the CL2 Disc is one of the most powerful and effective tillage tools available.


  • Best for rough conditions and heavy soils. 
  • Concave replaceable disc mounted in a heavy cast steel boss
  • Hook and eye for linking
  • Easy and cost-efficient service and replacement 


Unit Weight: 24kg

Chain Weight: 110kg/m

Diameter: 360mm

Spacing: 215mm

Spiked Disc Chain

The Heavy Duty, Spiked Disc Chain, is a highly efficient and versatile tillage tool that combines effectiveness with utility. It is particularly effective at removing weeds, making it ideal for pre or post-seeding cleanup. The shallow working depth and combing action of the Spiked Discs make them lightweight and efficient, allowing farmers to cover more hectares in less time.


  • Best for removing weeds
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • 10 spikes per disc
  • Fitted either trailing or leading orientation


Unit Weight: 10kg

Chain Weight: 80 kg/m

Diameter: 325mm

Spacing: 125mm

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W36 Disc Chain

The W36 Disc Chain is a specialist tillage tool for wet weather conditions. Its shallow concave and smooth surface make it highly productive for wet and sticky soils, providing unparalleled performance that other tools cannot match. It can be used alone or with other tillage equipment to achieve optimal results.


  • Lightly curved disc made from wear-resistant steel welded to a heavy chain
  • Offers superior wear resistance and reliability
  • Ideal for use in wet and sticky soils
  • Shallow concave and smooth surface
  • Can be used alone or in combination with other tillage equipment


Unit Weight: 9kg

Chain Weight: 53kg/m

Diameter: 318mm

Spacing: 170mm

Ultimately, the choice of tillage disc will depend on carefully considering each farming operation’s specific conditions and requirements, with an eye toward achieving the optimal seedbed for the desired crop.

Summing Up

In conclusion, choosing the right tillage disc is crucial to achieving the optimal seedbed and crop yield. All of them work best for weed control, soil levelling, and penetration depending on the soil type, crop, and environmental conditions. 

For instance, the K4 Disc Chain has been designed for enhanced weed control, while the CL2 Disc Chain is best suited for rough conditions and heavy soils. 

Contact Kelly Tillage to find your local dealer and choose the right disc for your farming operation to maximise yield and profits.