Why European Farmlands Demand Harrows With A Strong Frame

European farming requirements are quite unique and stand out from most of the world. There are many reasons for this. From the soil formation to climate conditions, Europe’s agro-industry has to deal with multiple factors to ensure an optimal yield.

It is due to all these reasons that the harrow frame design for European farmlands is different. While other agrarian economies like South Asia or Africa can use more or less any tillage system available, European farmers require harrow tools with a strong frame.

If you are a European farmer, here are some of the aspects of harrow frames that you should keep in mind while purchasing one.

The disc system

When it comes to disc harrows, strong frames are particularly necessary to ensure that the discs can actually grind through the hard soil. With multiple droughts affecting the topsoil throughout regions of Europe, it can be quite difficult for the harrow discs to perform the tillage process unless there is a strong frame to support it.

Without a smart design and high-quality materials, the strain imparted on the frame can become too much to bear, causing damage to the harrow and discs. So, always make sure that the discs have ample support mechanisms before you invest in a harrow.

Movability of the discs

A strong frame is not always enough. To ensure that hard topsoil is evenly tilled, the discs should strike a balance between flexibility and rigidity. Too far either way, and the result will be sub-optimal. This is best performed when the harrow features either multiple discs or has a disc-chain mechanism.

The disc-chain mechanism of modern harrows is an ideal solution for European farmers. By engaging only the upper layer of soil, disc chains are able to mulch residue and disrupt the soil capillaries to reduce moisture loss through evaporation.

Speed matters

In this age of increased requirements, the pace at which you are able to perform tillage is crucial to keep up with the competition. Without a competitive working speed, a harrow is actively holding back your potential yield.

The frame of a harrow plays a large role in determining the speed factor. With a strong frame, you can run the harrow tirelessly, and without the fear of the machine wearing out. This is absolutely important – the faster and rougher you work your machinery, the sooner it will require repairs or maintenance. With a strong, durable frame, much of the power used will be distributed throughout the machine instead of being concentrated on the discs.

Weed control

European farmers can’t depend on herbicides for weed control. With soil quality already dwindling in many areas, overuse of chemicals will only add to the degradation of yield quality. Many farmers depend on their harrow for removing weeds. For greater efficacy, you need a machine that can uproot established weeds without any issue.

A strong-framed harrow will ensure that the weed removal process takes place simultaneously with the tillage. So, you will save both time and effort and also ensure yield quality.

When you visit your local farm equipment dealer keep all these aspects in mind while choosing a harrow. It is one of the biggest investments you will make on the farm, so you should keep longevity and maintenance in mind.