Operating out of Rogersville, Missouri, Kelly Tillage specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of disc chain tillage equipment for use in North America, Australia, Europe, South Africa and many other countries.

Kelly’s mission is to offer tillage equipment the world over that contributes to sustainable farming practices in a meaningful, innovative and cost effective way.

Over its nearly 30 year history, the business has experienced rapid growth and continues to have strong growth aspirations. Kelly Tillage provides tremendous
career opportunities in numerous fields, namely; engineering, supply chain management, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

The values of the business reflect those of the founding family. Kelly Tillage has a strong connection to rural communities – it respects that people are the greatest asset and that it is everone’s responsibility to help them be successful. Most importantly, the business learns from its mistakes.

Kelly Tillage is a continually growing organisation which is always on the lookout for new and extraordinary talent to help grow, shape and evolve the business into the global leader in disc chain tillage technology. The Kelly team is incredibly excited about the future. and believe you will be too if you choose to join the dynamic, passionate and hard working team.


We believe in caring for our people.
Our Live Work Well and Live Life Well employee programs provide training, resources and support for staff and their families, helping them grow professionally and personally.

We offer a supportive professional environment with flexible working arrangements, strong social opportunities and a driving vision to strive for a better tomorrow.

Global Opportunities


Our visionary team of Engineers, R&D Researchers and Product Designers are the leading experts in shallow tillage technology.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing team is the face of our company, responsible for solving customer problems around the world.


Focusing on product development, our Production and Assembly staff use best practice to bring innovative ideas to life.

Supply Chain Management

Farmers on every continent use the Kelly Tillage System, and our Logistics and Procurement teams get things where they need to go.


Employee Development

- All employees can access a wide range of training and resources as part of the Live Work Well program, which supports staff to further their professional growth.
- An accompanying program, Live Life Well, includes workshops, training and resources covering a range of topics, including mental health, financial wellbeing and personal development.

Competitive Salary

- Employee wages are priced against industry benchmarks accounting for performance, experience and economic factors.
- Kelly Tillage has a company-wide incentive program through which employees can earn bonuses equaling up to 10% of their annual salary, depending on company performance.

Workplace Culture

- Kelly takes pride in fostering a culture of inclusion, innovation and respect. Staff are encouraged to explore new ideas and engage in blue-sky thinking.
- The Kelly Social Club organises a range of initiatives at Booleroo and Adelaide locations including teaming events, monthly lunches, tipping competitions and charity fundraising.

Global Career Advancement

- With farmers around the world adopting sustainable shallow tillage technology, Kelly Tillage is experiencing rapid growth that facilitates exciting career opportunities.
- With operations across Australia, Europe, North America, Africa, New Zealand and Argentina, staff are offered a range of opportunities for travel.

Staff Stories

Luke Ellery started his apprenticeship at Kelly Tillage in 2004. Since then, Luke’s work has taken him around Australia, to Japan and the USA, and to new roles within the company.

After finishing his 4-year apprenticeship, Luke returned to Kelly Tillage as our Production Manager, a role that allowed him to combine his product knowledge and leadership qualities with his eagerness for travel. In 2014 Luke went to Japan to gain insight into lean manufacturing - a process that was instrumental in boosting the capacity of Kelly Tillage through the application of efficient, lean methodologies. “Travelling to Japan was a tremendous eye-opener,” says Luke. “It really changed my perception of what’s possible with lean manufacturing. We’d already applied a lot of our own systems, but it formalised the process in my mind.”

Luke then took the role of Operations Manager, leveraging his knowledge and experience to improve our systems and processes, addressing engineering challenges and working with our key partners around the world. “The main constant at Kelly has been change,” says Luke. “The business is constantly evolving itself.” Luke is currently our Research & Innovation Manager - a position that allows him to focus on the future of our product and the agronomic & manufacturing trends that the business needs to consider as we continue to innovate.

Diane Sims began with us in 2001 as a labourer working for Peter Kelly. For several years she worked on the shop floor, manufacturing Kelly harrows and repairing equipment. In 2003 Diane moved into the office, where her firsthand knowledge gave her the edge in spare parts, sales enquiries and service calls.

Diane next took the role of our European Market Liaison Officer, using her considerable knowledge and experience to support our customers across Europe. On a normal day she’d be working closely with our European Manager to provide excellent customer service and technical assistance, as well as managing spare parts, sales and logistics.

It’s the family culture and rewarding customer service that have kept Diane working at Kelly for 20 years. “Being in a family business stands out,” she says. “They’re willing to support you, as well as the customers. And when you stop thinking about them as Kelly customers and start thinking of them as your own, you realise what a difference you can make in a customer’s life.”

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