Meet the K4

The future of sustainable weed control

Low depth. High impact.

Introducing the K4 Disc Chain

Built for weed control - from the ground up.

Superior performance in light to moderate soils.

Disc overlap provides
>100% soil coverage.

Tough on weeds

The sharp edge of the K4 disc pulls weeds from the soil, flipping them over and leaving them on the surface to die. Farmers using this method have reported over 90% reductions in weed density. This mechanical approach to weed control has the added benefit of reducing herbicide use.

Soft on soils

The K4 takes the weed-killing power of our CL2 Disc Chain and adapts it to a lighter, less aggressive unit. It has a similar weight and spacing to the CL1, but with a sharp-edged replaceable blade. This is a disc that works fast and shallow.

Strength meets simplicity

Every part of the K4 has been designed with simplicity in mind. Closer disc spacing creates an overlap that allows for full soil coverage at the ultra-shallow working depth. The smooth disc face reduces residue build-up in wet conditions. The bolt-on design allows links to be added or removed from the chain without the need for disassembly. All of these elements combine to make a Disc Chain that’s strong, simple and endlessly reliable.




Chain Weight




Disc concavity




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we take soil health seriously

We’ve spent the better part of 30 years developing and refining tools for managing residue and controlling weeds in a way that doesn’t contribute to soil erosion. The K4 Disc Chain is the latest part of that journey. We’re excited to share it with you.

To learn more about how our shallow tillage equipment can be used to improve outcomes and reduce inputs, check out our Savings Calculator webtool.

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