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The Discs

CL2 – Cast Link Cutting Disc Chain

A powerful new disc for rough conditions and heavy soils.

A concave replaceable disc mounted in a heavy cast steel boss with a hook and eye to link together. The sharp disc provides penetration into the toughest of soils while the weight and shape of the boss keeps the disc cutting and controls the working depth. Heavy residue management and reliable weed control make this new disc our flagship product. Weight 75lb/ft – 112kg/m, Spacing 8”.

CL1 Cutting Disc Chain

The most versatile of the Kelly Disc Chains.

The CL1 is a concave disc made from hardwearing cast steel alloy with a hook and eye for linking together. The ideal tool for residue management, weed control and leveling soil, it works at just the right depth to create the perfect seedbed. The CL1 Disc Chain be used in combination with other chains to give the best fit for your conditions. Weight 47lb/ft – 70kg/m, Spacing 7”.

W36 – Welded Disc Chain 36mm

Our standard, tried and tested work horse.

A lightly curved disc made from wear resistant steel welded to a heavy chain that is ideal for mulching residue and leveling soil. This less aggressive option is often paired with the CL1 for added versatility. Weight 36lb/ft – 55kg/m, spacing 7”.

Spike Disc Chain

This heavy duty spiked disc chain combines effectiveness with utility.

With 10 spikes per disc, the Spike Disc Chain can be fitted either in a trailing or leading orientation. In the trailing direction the leveling and incorporating action combine to provide a shallow running, self cleaning seedbed preparation tool. Remarkably effective at removing weeds, this makes an ideal tool for pre or post seeding herbicide incorporation. In the more aggressive leading orientation, the Spiked Disc Chain works as a “first pass” light tillage tool, leveling and preparing a seedbed. Weight 57lb/ft – 85kg/m, spacing 5”.

Bearing And Swivel

With only 12 swivels on the Kelly Diamond Harrow, maintenance & breakdowns are minimized.

Reliable & serviceable swivels units are guaranteed for 2500ha (10,000 acres). The smooth machined housing reduces wrapping.


High grade RHS and plate are combined to produce a strong and durable frame.

Each year millions of hectares of experience helps to keep our product ahead of the game.

 The rugged and reliable frames have been developed through years of experience and fieldwork. The frame provides a versatileplatform to which our full range of ground tools can be mounted.

Hydraulic Fold

Folds totally from tractor seat – user friendly.

3 simple steps have you working in less than 3 minutes.   Meaning more time being productive and less time parked in the corner.

 Theses customised manifolds incorporate safety features for burst protection and operator safety. High quality Ryco hose and fittings are used exclusively.

 Independent tail tongue lift makes turning and heavy residue hassle free.


Increasing demand on our machines has led us to offer a range of wheel options.

Heavy-duty wheels are located to provide most accurate field settings giving the smoothest possible finish.

 We fit multiple wheels when possible for greater flotation & reduce soil compaction.

Table of Specifications

  * Power requirement varies dramatically with soil conditions. Values given are an approximate guide. In soils where penetration is likely to be minimal, less power will be required. In cultivated soil or very soft soils more power may be required. All specifications are subject to change without notice and in no way infer an obligation to make any changes retrospective.