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Integrated Cover Crop Management

The Kelly Tillage System can smash residue, control weeds and sow the cover crop – all in one pass. Our unique Disc Chains turn and spread the topsoil, levelling ruts and ridges to evenly disperse the seed mix and promote good seed-soil contact. 

Minimize nutrient loss and compaction

Improved seed/soil contact

Protect your soil health

Smart, Simple, Seamless.

The Kelly Model 4614 is specially designed to interface with our custom-built seeding unit, the Kelly Seeder. All other Kelly models can be fitted with aftermarket seeders. This setup allows the Kelly Tillage System to incorporate cover crop seeding and seedbed preparation into a single operation, reducing the amount of passes required.

While the front set of Kelly Disc Chains chop and split the cash crop residue, the Kelly Seeder distributes the seed mix evenly across the working width. The following rear chains gently work the earth, burying and mixing the seeds in the top 1-3 inches of soil. This allows for immediate, same-day seed germination.

In spring, the Kelly can be used to mechanically terminate the cover crop.

Mulching and incorporating the cover crop returns nutrients and organic matter to the soil, providing a fertile environment in which the cash crop can grow. By working only the upper layer of topsoil, Kelly Disc Chains retain soil structure and minimize moisture loss. The mulched cover crop remains on the soil surface. This residue layer regulates soil temperature and reduces erosion by insulating the seedbed against wind, rain and sun.

The Kelly Tillage System

Creating a better seedbed

Improved germination

Evenly distributed seeds at the desired depth, good seed/soil contact and consistent soil density for maximum root penetration all help to create an ideal environment for crops to grow.

Boost productivity

Kelly Disc Chains level the soil surface for planting, which can improve the efficiency and working speed of future field operations, leading to a net increase in farm productivity.

Cut back on field work

By combining residue management, seedbed preparation, weed control and cover crop seeding into a single operation, the Kelly Tillage System removes the need for multiple passes across the field.

The Kelly Seeder

The Kelly Seeder integrates seamlessly with the Model 4614 Kelly Tillage System to create a uniquely cost-effective tool for cover crop establishment.

The seed dispersal system works in tandem with the Disc Chains to cover the seeds with a layer of topsoil, promoting good seed/soil contact to allow for consistent germination.

This custom-built airseeder includes section control, a versatile metering system, a durable seed tank and hydraulic-driven air distribution, creating an accurate and highly efficient seeding tool.

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Cutting-edge solutions

The Kelly Tillage System is a true multipurpose machine with a wide range of applications. As well as sowing cover crops, it can be used to manage residue and weeds, incorporate fertilizer, or level the seedbed for planting. Its shallow working depth preserves soil moisture and avoids hard panning or compaction. 

Because of the smooth surface created by the Kelly, planter accuracy and speed are at their peak. A well-formed soil structure ensures that the roots do not meet any sudden changes in soil density, allowing for consistent germination and growth.

Kelly Tillage is at the forefront of sustainable seedbed preparation. Our shallow tillage technology can give you the edge you need to create a better seedbed that improves your bottom line.

Kelly Saving tool

Save more with Kelly!

We have developed this savings calculator to help you understand the costs and benefits you might expect from a Kelly Tillage System. By using information from your own farm, we can choose the Kelly model that fits your needs and generate an estimate for its productivity, recommended horsepower, running costs and expected wear rate.

Your cover crop is more important than you may believe