Welcome To The Home Of The Kelly Tillage System

Whether it’s residue management, weed control, moisture incorporation or creating that perfect seedbed prior to planting, the unique diamond shaped Kelly Tillage System offers a wide array of ground engaging disc chains to satisfy your year-round light tillage requirements. The Kelly Tillage System is the ultimate tool for seedbed preparation without the high costs of traditional tillage methods. With a well-earned reputation for strength and reliability, this is a tool that was developed by farmers, for farmers.

Tillage ~ Activity or process for preparing land for growing crops. {Webster}

Pasture & cover crop seeding

Cover crops reduce mineral leaching and compaction, maintain soil ecology and help minimise erosion. Pastures can also be established quickly and accurately.

Kelly Disc Chains can establish the cover crop by breaking down the stubble residue, turning and mixing the topsoil while applying the seed mix. All this can be done in just one pass with our integrated air seeder units. At the other end of the season the Kelly Disc Chains can be used to mulch the cover crop back into the ground, moving the topsoil just enough to aerate the surface and prepare the seedbed.

Save costs with our approach to residue management

Designed to handle the hardest of residue, our innovative disc chains chop and split residue to speed up decomposition, leaving a layer of top soil that assists with residue breakdown.

Our aggressive disc chain set up means you can start preparing early in the season, saving costs on labor and fuel. The increase in organic matter leads to improved soil structure and integrity. Add to this the dramatic increase in productivity, and you’ll see why the Kelly Diamond Harrow is the ideal machine for your farm.

Unique and cost effective weed control

The range of Kelly Disc Chains, particularly the more aggressive new CL2 discs, are achieving excellent results when it comes to weed control and crop management.

While each field and farm has different conditions, the significantly reduced operating costs of pulling a Kelly Diamond Harrow around the field combined with the resultant savings in herbicides has proven to be another successful step in the fight against weeds and herbicide resistance.

Make a smooth and perfect seedbed

A smooth seedbed won’t damage your planting equipment, will enable accurate seeding and save on seed costs.

Kelly Tillage is at the forefront in sustainable seedbed preparation, creating conditions that keep soil moist and even in density. Our smooth seedbeds provide even germination, even crop establishment and early plant growth because of the ideal seeding conditions.