Customer Service Policy

Service to customers. Kelly Tillage has been built on service and backup. We are concerned to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible. We understand the importance of timely operations and the pressures of farming.

Fairness and honesty and an ability to relate well to customers. This is a very important point and has won many customers through a practical and sensible approach. Having spent most of their working lives as farmers, Shane and Peter before him relate well to others in the farming community.

Being prepared to listen, not only to ideas or suggestions but to criticism as well. Many of our innovations have come directly as a result of customer feedback. We are not too proud to change something if it can be shown not to be working to its optimum.

Customers First

Ultimately most of our clients are farmers. This is a diverse group with a range of needs. Clients vary from research institutions requiring small plot size machinery to very large businesses, all of whom demand absolute value and performance.

Being farmers ourselves we have a fair understanding of the requirements placed upon agricultural machinery. We are able to put machines to work on our own farm to test and develop them. We listen very carefully to customer feedback and are constantly improving our products to suit farmers’ requirements. Also having a farming background we are aware of the cost pressures on agriculture as on any other business and strive to provide goods and services at the most reasonable price we can. This has provided a loyal customer base and allowed the business to grow.

In the US we are superbly represented by people who know the farmers and understand the conditions. Dealerships are selected on their ability to provide the customer service we ourselves would provide.

An extensive range of spare parts in Springfield Missouri.