Stimulate uniform emergence for greater weed kill %

Reduce reliance on herbicides with an integrated approach

Halt the spread of herbicide resistant weeds

The Kelly Tillage System is carefully designed to overcome the challenges of traditional tillage tools.

Tillage, performed properly, can have several functions – breaking down crop residue, removing weed growth and preparing the seedbed for planting. By operating at an ultra-shallow 1-2″ depth, our system can achieve these benefits while preserving the soil structure.

Cut back on herbicide use with The Kelly Tillage System

Increasing reliance on herbicides is proving a financial and environmental problem for farmers. Ongoing use can lead to the emergence of resistant weed varieties, further increasing herbicide spending and leaving more chemicals in the soil.

This is where the Kelly Tillage System can help. By offering an alternative means of weed control, it reduces the need for herbicides and bypasses chemical resistance. The Kelly Tillage System is perfect if you’re looking to make your farm more environmentally friendly.

With just one pass, the Kelly Tillage System disturb the topsoil, breaking down residue and removing the weeds – roots and all!

Control weeds on your own terms

A range of Kelly Disc Chains can help in the battle against herbicide resistance, such as the CL2 Disc Chain, CL1 Disc Chain and the Spiked Disc Chain.

Our unique Disc Chain technology is able to uproot the existing weeds, leaving them on the surface to die. That’s not all though – the shallow scarifying action of the Disc Chains stimulates weed seeds to germinate. By forcing a uniform emergence of seasonal weeds prior to planting, a Kelly pass can massively improve the effectiveness of a one-time herbicide application.

Kelly Disc Chains are another tool in the farmer’s toolbox, allowing for an integrated approach to weed management.



Damien Korte

This mare's tail is 15-20" tall... if we had to spray this it would probably be a $30 chemical bill. The Kelly today is knocking out the mare's tail at least 85-90%.


Tom Overländer

We could not find any other machine that can cut evenly across the full swath, without penetrating the soil too much. Another important effect is the reduction in soil moisture losses through evaporation. We have chosen the Kelly diamond harrow because of its simplicity in operation on a large scale.

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