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Kelly Tillage System is carefully designed to overcome the challenges of traditional tillage tools.

Using shallow tillage is an important tool against weed and herbicide resistance. Shallow tillage performed well can have several functions including: breakdown of crop residue, removal of weed growth and preparation of a seedbed for planting.

Reduce or cut out herbicide use with the Kelly Tillage System

Increasing reliance on herbicides is proving a problem for farmers, as herbicide use is known to be costly. Herbicide use can also create more of a weed problem. Weeds show a hardy resilience to pesticides after some time, which results in an increased cost of having to use more herbicides and use equipment more, as well as a large amount of herbicide in the soil.

This is where the Kelly Tillage System can help, as it ultimately reduces or completely cuts out the needs for herbicide use, as well as saving costs. The Kelly Tillage System is perfect if you’re looking to make your farm more environmentally friendly. With just one pass, the Kelly Tillage System disturb the topsoil, breaking down residue and removing the weeds – roots and all!

Weeds are no match for the Kelly Disc Chains

A range of Kelly Discs can be used to help in the battle of controlling existing weeds and germinating weeds, such as the CL2 Disc Chain, CL1 Disc Chain and the Spike Disc Chain.

The discs on the Kelly Tillage System work by uprooting the existing weeds and leaving them on the surface to die, then the shallow scarifying action stimulates weed seeds to germinate and keeps them close to the surface, as weeds buried too deep can remain viable for years.

The Kelly Discs can also be combined to create your ideal tool for herbicide resistance.



Tom Overländer

We could not find any other machine that can cut evenly across the full swath, without penetrating the soil too much. Another important effect is the reduction in soil moisture losses through evaporation. We have chosen the Kelly diamond harrow because of its simplicity in operation on a large scale.


Marcus Glitz

From our point of view, this machine is still the only one in the world that cuts across the full width of the machine and has an optimal ground following ability.
There is absolutely no alternative to this machine and is universal in its applications

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