Agriculture is rapidly changing. The primary reason behind this is the rapid technological advancement taking place across industries.

In this age of artificial intelligence and data science, your farm can benefit from widespread high-tech agricultural tools available. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are 5 applications that will help revolutionise your farming process.

1.    PotashCorp

Maximising yield is a priority for any farmer. With the help of  PotashCorp’s ROI calculator, you can find out details about the nutrient requirements of different crops in various situations. The app also takes into calculation the size of the field, allowing farmers to understand exactly how much they will need to invest in their crops and what the returns will be. Using the ROI calculator makes crop planning and budgeting a snap! PotashCorp is used by millions of farmers worldwide to ensure top ROI, so it’s a name you can rely on. Be aware that this app is meant for the USA, so you’ll have to make metric-imperial conversions to use it.

2.    Sirrus Premium

Do you operate a large farm where you are regularly required to relay crop and other agricultural information to field workers? The premium update from Sirrus ensures that all agricultural data can be stored onto a platform and shared easily with others. This data is also made available offline and can be shared within other applications. Plus, the premium upgrade comes with a fertiliser application module. The only drawback to this app is that it’s only available for Apple devices.

3.    AgVault

Monitoring a farm can be tough work. Ensuring that all the weeds are accounted for and all the nutrient levels kept in check on a daily basis can be a tremendous task, especially for those who own large farms. If you’re one of the many farmers who owns and uses an agro-drone, the AgVault app is the solution. With the help of this app, you can select a drone route, aspects to monitor, and configure the drone’s sensors to your liking. Once you’ve finished setup, the drone will function autonomously, gathering a range of useful information for your farm. All data is be stored securely within the app.

4.    GrainTruckPlus

The harvesting period is truly the most tiresome time on a farm. It not only requires a lot of late nights and hard labour, but also top-notch management skills. GrainTruckPlus can compensate for the latter. You can input the data of your harvest team and the will find the best working pattern. You will also be able to note how your resources are being used at a moment’s glance and have real-time knowledge regarding grain elevator waiting periods. Hassle-free harvesting like this is exactly what you need to boost your farm’s performance.

5.    AgriSync

The further down the rabbit hole of technology you go, the more you may need to rely on customer support and expert advice to resolve tech-related problems. This doesn’t need to be a hassle. AgriSync allows you to connect with top-notch support staff from all over the world and receive solutions to your problems in real-time. The app features a dashboard where all your issues and support conversations can be stored. AgriSync can help you find your issues resolved faster than before, allowing you to start integrating smart tech on your farm stress-free.

When farming in Australia there are many things that you need to keep in mind. As soon as you start integrating technology into your process, you’ll be able to better optimise your farming operation based on real-time data.

Use these 5 apps to begin your journey into the world of smart farming. They are easy to use and relatively hassle-free. You can also consider investing in modern farming technology, such as drones and shallow tillage systems.