Creating the perfect seedbed is every farmer’s dream; a smooth soil surface with evenly distributed organic matter helps to increase working speed and boost yield. In this process, the tillage method becomes a key component for success. However, traditional deep tillage is widely recognised to be potentially harmful to soil structure.

This is what inspired us to think differently. With a chain composed of interlocking discs that roll over soil to level ruts, mulch residue and kill weeds, the Kelly Tillage System is the next step in tillage technology. If you are still using traditional methods of tillage, the time to upgrade is now!

Have a look at some of the unique benefits the Kelly Disc Chains provide:

A brand-new approach to stubble management

Removing stubble residue can be an extremely high-effort task, as well as being expensive. If you are simply burning the stubble, you risk damaging both the soil and the environment. Complete removal of stubble is often not-required for creating a seedbed at all.

Kelly Disc Chains break down the stubble to its root level. This helps the stubble bio-degrade fast and the nutrients from it are added back to the soil. With the help of the Kelly Tillage System, farmers can incorporate their stubble in just one pass.

Weed removal

The latest addition to our discs, the CL2, is an aggressive machine that can cut through the thickest of weeds while preparing the land for an even seedbed. You can officially say goodbye to herbicides (and say hello to savings) with any of our tillage machines.

If you are facing difficulties with weed management, then the Kelly Tillage System is the perfect tool for your farm. A single pass can remove all weeds from the field and provide you with ready to seed soil. This is an investment you will not regret!

Perfect for all conditions

Some soils are tougher than others. This can be a huge roadblock when it comes to preparing a good seedbed. However, Kelly Tillage has a wide range of Disc Chains available, allowing farmers to achieve proper shallow tillage in all types of land. The Kelly Tillage System is the ultimate tool for farms of all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, the entire process is streamlined to ensure that the least amount of effort is required to perform seedbed preparation. This allows for further budget control by cutting down on labour and maintenance costs. The farmer’s overall benefit is something we keep in mind at all times.

Cover crop seeding

The Kelly Tillage System can perform the seeding process along with its mulching tillage action. Combining these actions into one pass allows for the seeds to be covered with a layer of broken down stubble and level soil, resulting in optimal yield conditions.

If you have a penchant for ecological farming, then you may be interested in using the Kelly Tillage System to help cut down your fuel usage. This is another great way to save on your budget as well as helping the environment.

Improving soil health, now and for future generations

The farming community must keep up with the technological revolution that is happening around us. The latest means of farming not only allow us to get the best out of our efforts but can also be used to streamline processes and save costs.

Farmers across Australia are now using Kelly tools to maximise their yields and increase efficiency. No matter the problem you face with your farming, we can offer a high-tech solution. Smart farming is the next logical step for professional farmers, and we believe that the Kelly Tillage System can be part of it.

Are you prepared to join the Kelly farming revolution? Contact your local dealer today!