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Kelly 1204: Best Way To Level Row Middles in Almond Orchards 


The best way to level row middles in Almond Orchards can easily be done by Kelly model 1204. Nothing can beat its efficiency and effectiveness.   

Almonds: Nourishing Nutty Goodness for a Healthier You!

Why not grow the best almond orchards with Kelly 1204? 

Introducing Kelly Harrow 1204 

The Kelly Model 1204  is a special tool for almond orchards. It levels the ground and prepares it for harvesting. 

The disc chains work near the surface to make the soil smooth and remove weeds without harming the crop roots. It comes in three different sizes to fit various field widths as mentioned below. 

  • 3.5 metres
  • 4.5 metres 
  • 4.0 metres 

Optimise Your Almond Orchards!

Kelly 1204 is a fantastic farm implement with extraordinary features that make year-round inter-row management easy. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these outstanding capabilities simultaneously.

Wide tyres for minimal soil distribution

  • Wide tyres make more contact with the ground than narrow tires, resulting in a larger surface area supporting the weight of the Kelly 1204 diamond harrow. This broader distribution of weight reduces the pressure exerted on the soil, leading to less compression of soil particles.

  • Such broad tyres don’t sink as much in soft or wet soil. They kind of “float” on top instead. Due to this, the soil doesn’t get squished too much under the heavy harrow, which keeps it from getting too compacted.

  • Kelly 1204 wide tyres can cover more area in one pass, thus it reduces the problem of repeated compaction, and helps keep the soil in better shape.

  • These tyres have patterns on them, which makes them hold on to the ground better and not slide as much. When they don’t slide too much, they don’t rip or move the soil around a lot. 

Floating Wing Cylinders 

  • The floating wing cylinders ensure that the harrow tills the soil at the same depth everywhere. This leads to a smoother seedbed without many uneven spots in the field. 

  • These cylinders of Kelly 1204 are allowed to float and move with the field’s surface, it puts even pressure on the soil. This helps prevent soil compaction. 

  • Without the floating wing cylinders, the wings might not be able to closely follow the shape of the ground, which can lead to uneven pressure. This uneven pressure could make some parts of the harrow dig too deep into the soil, while other parts may not touch the ground well enough. As a result, the harrow’s tilling and residue incorporation would be inconsistent.

Fully Sealed Jockey Wheel Bearing

  • The jockey wheel plays an important role in carrying the weight of the harrow and enabling it to move smoothly across the ground.

  • By being sealed, the bearing and enclosure significantly decrease the requirement for regular maintenance. Their protective barrier keeps dirt and debris out, minimising potential damage and reducing wear and tear on the jockey wheel.

  • As the bearing is sealed this prevents dirt from entering the jockey wheel. Thus, it can rotate smoothly without any hindrances.

  • By implementing a sealed design, the jockey wheel’s durability is greatly enhanced. It becomes capable of withstanding rugged conditions, ensuring its effective performance over an extended period of time.

Two Drawbar Height Positions 

This feature is associated with Kelly 1204 capability to adapt to different types of tractors by offering two drawbar height positions.

  • The drawbar is a part that lets the harrow be towed by the tractor. Drawbar height position means the adjustable height to connect the harrow to the tractor.

  • Tractors vary in size and have different hitch points, resulting in varying drawbar heights. If a harrow has a fixed drawbar height, it may only work with certain tractor models that match that height. This limitation can be challenging for farmers with different-sized tractors or those who plan to switch tractors in the future.

Calling all Farmers! Say hello to Kelly 1204 with not one, but two Drawbar Height positions, we’ve got your farm covered! Just for you!

 Don’t miss out on this big plus!

  • With two drawbar height positions, the harrow gains versatility and adaptability. Its adjustable feature enables setting at different heights, making it compatible with various tractor sizes and hitch points. As a result, the harrow can be used with different tractors without needing any modifications or extra equipment.

Greaseable Wing Pivots 

Adding grease to the wing pivots helps to slow down the process of wear and tear, which in turn decreases the likelihood of them breaking or getting damaged.

Why Kelly 1204 is Your Best Pick?

  • Its working speed is 10 km/h which is exceptional

  • Controls weeds between rows

  • By opting for our exceptional product, the Kelly 1204, an impressive decrease of over 60% in herbicide usage has been witnessed.

  • Works the top 2-4 cm of soil finely, thus not disturbing the soil deeply. 

Kelly 1204 is undeniable evidence that our Harrows are designed solely for minimum tillage.

  • Helps in residue mixing 

  • The machine does not have to be lifted out at the headland 

  • The machine can be folded down to a compact transport width of 2.30 metres for road transportation.

  • The APV seed drill can now be installed in it

  • The disc elements are connected to each other with flexible chain links, forming a diamond shape. 

Even Just a sight will exceeds your expectations!

We shall thoroughly have a look at its dimensions simultaneously:

Total Weight: 

  • With K4/CL1 discs: 2950 kg 
  • Total Axle Load: 4000kg 



  • Length: 9m
  • Width: 2.3m
  • Height: 2.4m

Maximum Width (unfolded):

  • 3.8m / 4.3m / 4.8m 

Cut Width 

  • 3.4m/ 4m/ 4.3m 

Operating Information


  • 8-12 km/h  

Fuel Consumption 

  • 2.5-4L/ha


Main Axle 

  • GS-ST 4006 



  • 340/55-16 

Average Performance 

  • 8 km/h: 25ha/ hr
  • 12 km/h: 3.8ha/ hr 


Kelly 1204  is the best and most efficient way to level the ground between rows in almond orchards. It helps save time and improves the overall productivity of orchards.

 Also, it doesn’t disturb the soil too much, which is good for the soil and the roots of the almond trees. This way, the orchard can stay healthy and sustainable for a long time.