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How Proper Tillage Can Actually Be Profitable


The process of tillage has widely developed over the years. Once an unplanned activity that often harmed the soil quality, it can now be performed in a controlled and sustainable manner. This is known as conservation tillage.

With a disc chain-based mechanism now available in the market, any farm owner can perform a heavy-duty tillage operation with ease. Additionally, they will also be ensuring that their land is protected against soil erosion and also reduce labour requirements.

If you are someone who is still relying on herbicide-based methods in order to control weeds, the time is now to make a total shift to a conservation tillage system. And to make sure that you are convinced, here are some of the primary advantages of modern-day tillage systems.

Managing stubble

Stubble residue from weeds and previous seasons can lead to soil erosion. But removing them completely is also not the best idea. The modern-day disc chain-based tillage mechanism can split the stubble down its middle allowing for quicker breakdown on a microbial scale. The provides a better seedbed for the farming activities and also returns crop residue.

The right amount of stubble management has also been a harrowing experience for most farmers as it is an extremely time-consuming process. But with conservation tillage using the right machines, it can now be performed with absolute ease.

Great alternative to herbicides

Usage of cheap and unlicensed herbicides is one of the primary issues faced by farmers across Australia. Tillage proves to be the perfect alternative to herbicides in getting rid of unwanted weeds. Unlike herbicides, it has no side effects, and it can also save your land from becoming dependent on herbicide treatment.

Many types of soils also show herbicide resistance, and farmers try to treat it by applying even larger amounts of herbicide. This, in turn, worsens the soil quality, reduces production rate, and also leads to erosion. Rather, in such cases, a chain disc tillage system is the perfect answer.

Erosion control

Herbicides are one of the primary causes of soil erosion in farms. While the weeds are truly despised, they serve their role within a farm ecosystem by holding the soil together. Destroying them from the root up can lead to erosion and other natural problems within the soil.

Rather, the use of a chain disc tillage system ensures that the weeds are taken care of and no harm is done to the soil. If you are facing soil erosion problems, then make an immediate shift to tillage systems.


Overt reliance on herbicides can not only be harmful to the soil but also incur a huge amount of cost. Switching to a mechanical tillage system will ensure that you pay only once and get a strong return in your investment each season. Most modern-day tillage systems are built to last and provide competitive prices.

There are a host of tillage system dealers across Australia and you should be able to find a professional conservation tillage system without any hassle. We, of course, suggest the Kelly Tillage System with its disc chain functions, details of which you will find below.

Kelly Tillage Systems

If you own a farm in Australia, then there’s good news for you. The Kelly disk chain-based tillage system is now available across the country and with it, you can perform any tillage operation with no hassle at all.

There are multiple types of Kelly Tillage Systems available in the market. These include the cast link cutting disc, the welded disc chain, the spike disc chain, etc. among others. Each of these is designed for a specific purpose so make sure to have a thorough discussion with your dealer before purchase.

If you are unsure about what the different purposes of these tillage systems are, simply head over to the Kelly Engineering Australia website and you will be able to use their automated system to know which tillage system is the right choice for your soil.

Kelly Engineering is a long-time provider if professional farming equipment across Australia, the United States, numerous countries in Europe, Africa, South America & Asia. Shift your farming habit to the Kelly Tillage System and step into the future of farming.