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How to Use Disc Harrow 


Disc Harrow is a versatile tool that farmers find highly valuable, thus it will prove to be useful to know how to use, Disc Harrow. We are certain that this knowledge will undoubtedly be beneficial, making this blog an essential resource for all farmers.

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What is a Disc Harrow?

It stands as an essential farm implement, vital for soil preparation before planting or sowing. Its primary function involves breaking up clods and surface crusts, thereby enhancing soil granulation and eliminating weeds. By creating finely-tilled soil, this equipment promotes the growth of healthier crops and ultimately leads to improved yields.

How to Use Disc Harrow 

It is a secondary tillage implement that serves many purposes, such as levelling heavy soil, uprooting weeds, and preparing the ground for planting seeds. For farmers to increase their crop production, it’s essential to make wise equipment investments, and this ranks among the most crucial farm tools. 

By using it, farmers can easily and effectively break up large soil clumps, resulting in improved soil quality that facilitates better crop growth. It’s like giving the soil a smooth finish to help crops thrive.

Equipment Check

  • Before using this farming tool, make sure it’s in good working condition and all its parts are well taken care of and working properly.
  • Ensure that the disc blades are sharp and set to the right depth for cutting.
  • Connect it to the tractor using the right hitch and make sure it’s firmly attached.

Field Preparation: Ready, Set & Succeed

  • Remove any big rocks, debris, or obstacles from the field that could get in the way of the disc harrow while working.
  • If the soil is either too dry or too wet, think about changing the timing of your operation to get the best possible outcomes.

Field Condition

  • Before operating the type of harrow, it is crucial to assess the soil condition and moisture content in the field. Operating this tool on soil that is too wet can result in excessive soil clumping and reduced efficiency. 
  • Conversely, working on soil that is too dry may lead to ineffective breaking up of the soil. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the soil is at an optimal moisture level to achieve efficient and effective results with it.

Field Direction

  • When choosing the direction of your farming paths using this farming implement, consider the way the wind usually blows and the shape of the land. 
  • It’s better to work across the wind and slope rather than going parallel to them. This way, you can avoid soil erosion and make your farming efforts more effective.

Depth Adjustment following stubble

  • If there is stubble from the previous crop in the field, make sure to set the disc harrow at the right depth. This way, the harrow can chop up the stubble and mix it into the soil, which helps the leftover plant material break down and makes the soil better.

Safety Precautions

  • Always follow safety rules and wear the right safety gear (like gloves, goggles, etc.) when using the disc harrow.
  • Make sure to keep people who are not involved in the work, and other farm workers, far away from the working area. This will help avoid accidents.

Consider the Double Pass Harrowing Technique 

  • After you finish the first round of working on the field, go over it again, but this time, move in a different direction. For example, if you went north to south in the first round, now go from east to west this time. This way, you cover the whole field from different angles and make sure the soil is well-prepared everywhere.
  • Double-pass or cross-harrowing improves the seedbed for planting crops by making the soil smoother and reducing large clumps. This results in more even seed growth and makes it easier for the plants to take root firmly in the ground.

Straight Lines

  • Try to keep the tractor driving in straight lines to ensure a consistent tillage process.
  • Utilise visual markers in the field to assist in keeping the lines straight while driving the tractor.

Cleaning and Maintenance Strategies

  • Once you’re done using this tool, clean it thoroughly to get rid of any soil or debris buildup.
  • Inspect the disc blades for any damage or wear and replace or repair them as required.
  • Store it in a dry and protected place to avoid rusting and potential damage.

Best Disc Harrows For Sale

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Our disc harrows are built to withstand the toughest challenges, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. 

Your farming success is just a step away!

Model 1204 

This Model 1204  is designed to level the row middle perfectly. Its shallow-working Disc Chains work close to the surface making the topsoil smooth for harvesting crops and getting rid of weeds without harming the plant roots. This special farming tool comes in three different sizes for different row widths.

Model 3009 

The Model 3009 Kelly Tillage System stands out for its dependability and durability, making it an ideal choice for diverse applications. Its floating wing cylinders and enhanced ground clearance, allow it to deliver consistent performance across its 8.8m cutting width.

Model 4614 

This farm implement offers a range of features, including higher underframe clearance, an upsized jockey wheel, a reinforced high-strength frame, and optional outer wing dual wheels for improved floatation. These features help in preparing a fine seedbed in no time. 

Finest Disc Picks for your Harrow 

The flexible nature of the linked disc allows faithful ground engagement along the entire length of the chain 

Farmers let your harrow conquer the field with the most durable disc mentioned below!

K4 Disc

A perfect fit!

In loamy soil, which is known for its fertility but also provides a suitable environment for weed growth, controlling weeds effectively is crucial for successful crop cultivation. One effective method for weed control is using a harrow fitted with a K4 Disc.

This harrow incorporates a mid-weighted disc with specific features designed to tackle the weed problem efficiently. This disc is equipped with a sharp edge and a smooth face, allowing it to easily slice through the soil and uproot the weeds.

Its perfect edge concavity and thickness play a vital role in influencing cutting-edge action, ensuring optimal penetration, lifting, and inversion of the topsoil during the process. 

As the harrow moves through the field, the disc effectively cuts and uproots the weeds, while simultaneously mixing and aerating the soil for improved crop growth. 

Here is how Kelly contributes to CSR 

We care for our people!

The use of herbicides can pose significant threats to human health due to potential exposure to their chemical components. 

Prolonged or excessive contact with these substances can result in skin and eye irritation, respiratory issues, and more serious consequences such as cancer, birth defects, and disruptions in hormonal balance. 

Moreover, herbicide runoff can contaminate water sources, endangering aquatic life and creating health risks when the contaminated water is consumed or used for irrigation. 

Furthermore, the presence of herbicide residues on crops can expose consumers to these harmful chemicals, potentially leading to health problems over time.

Kelly Harrows: Saying No to Herbicides!

This farm tool mechanically pulls out or buries weeds. By doing this, they disturb the weeds’ growth and stop them from taking resources away from crops. This mechanical method doesn’t rely on chemicals and can be a good way to deal with weeds that are hard to kill with regular methods.


By taking good care of disc harrows, farmers can get the best results, like better crop growth and sustainable farming. Their ability to work without herbicides makes it an eco-friendly choice for modern farming, ensuring healthier and more productive farmlands for the future.