The concept of agriculture is facing a massive shift on a global basis. The effects of climate change along with development in agro-science have led to various new agricultural practices that are highly beneficial towards both farmers and the environment. The primary aspect behind these trends is sustainability. Sustainable agricultural practices aim to reduce the impact a farm has on the environment and it also helps in reducing the cost involved in running a farm.

As the climate crisis draws nearer it is important that you adhere to a process that benefits both your farm and the environment. The future of farming is largely based on sustainable practices and from the team at Kelly Engineering here are the top agricultural practices that you should adopt into your farming process. Keep in mind that these are to be adopted into a farm as per the necessities of the farm and not in a blanket manner.

Soil health protection

While manures and fertilisers are usually the go-to means for maintaining soil quality, the dependency on these foreign agents can essentially ruin your soil in the long run. They are also highly destructive towards various environmental factors. So, farmers have taken a step back and began adopting ancient farming practices such as planting cover crops and rotating crops.

Cover crops are planted during seasons when the soil would otherwise be left bare. These make sure that the soil does not require to be filled with manure again in order to ensure nutrient content. On the other hand, crop rotation ensures that the soil is always ready for new produce and also reduced the requirement of pest control substances.

Mixed farming

The capitalist age has segregated the various farming practices such as agroforestry, livestock farming, and regular farming. However, it is the bringing together of these three worlds that can benefit a farmer the most. Adoption of animals into a farm can benefit the soil in multiple ways. Firstly, any extra weeds and stubble will be grazed upon by the animals and secondly, you will not have to pay for any extra animal feed. Animal husbandry is also a good source of profits.

Agroforestry is another great practice that includes the mixing of shrubs and trees into usual farmland. This helps ensure the maintenance of irrigation methods and also provides extra income. These practices are ancient methods of protecting soil quality and diversifying the farming process. Having a mix of different farming processes within a singular farm is one of the best ways to introduce sustainable farming to your process.

Smart tillage systems

Tillage practice is immensely important in the maintenance of seedbeds. The best way to develop smart tillage practices is to shift away from tractor based tillage to modern tillage systems such as the Kelly Tillage System. These include the disc chain mechanism that ensures even and thorough tillage of the entire seedbed and also removal of stubble.

Kelly Tillage Systems are being increasingly used by farmers all across Australia and you will find a dealer with absolute ease. Shift to this modern tillage system today and welcome your farm to a host of unforeseen benefits.

Apart from these three primary practices, there are various other trends such as less usage of fossil fuels, more reliance on natural manure, etc. that you can adopt into your farming process. Once you shift to a more sustainable process you will notice a clear rise in both the quality and quantity of your produce.

Another important reason why every farmer should shift to such practices is that farms lead to a huge amount of climate degradation. And sustainable farming is one of the best ways to ensure that your farm is causing the least amount of damage to the environment. The ongoing climate crisis is aimed to have a huge impact on the Australian farming industry, and using the Kelly Tillage System and rotating crops are some of the best means of protecting your farm against its effects.

We at Kelly Engineering believe in the future of farming and thus we are always here to help ensure you stay ahead of the curb and enjoy the best fruits of your labor.