Must-Have Tractor Attachments For Large Farms 


Tractors are incredibly useful on farms because they can be equipped with different attachments and implements. These attachments make the work on the farm easier, faster, and more efficient. 

However, with numerous types of attachments and implements available, it can be challenging to decide which ones to purchase. This blog aims to guide the essential attachments and implements that you might need for your farm.

Tractors have two distinct methods of pulling implements. The first approach involves utilising a powerful steel rod known as a drawbar, which is used for pulling objects that do not necessitate lifting, such as trailers.

The second method involves a hitch mechanism that typically fastens an implement in three locations: a central link and two hydraulic-powered lift arms. 

These arms enable the lowering and raising of implements as needed. By utilising three points of attachment, stability is maintained throughout the operation.

Most Useful Tractor Attachments


To plant seeds successfully, it’s important to prepare the soil and make it even. This is where a harrow comes into play. 

A harrow is a tool used in farming that helps level the soil and create an ideal surface for planting seeds. It is typically used after the initial ploughing of the field to further refine the soil and make it ready for sowing.

It effectively addresses the handling of crop residue from the previous harvest. Once a crop has been harvested, crop residue remains in the field. This farm equipment plays a crucial role in breaking down and integrating these leftover plant materials into the soil. 

This procedure promotes the breakdown of organic matter and boosts the nutritional composition of the soil, ultimately enhancing its fertility for future cultivation.

Kelly Tillage has a wide range of Diamond Harrows catering to the needs of farmers and offering them increased convenience. 

The disc harrow is the most popular type of harrow used in farming. It is made up of multiple circular discs that are connected to a frame. These discs also have spikes along their edges, which enable them to efficiently work the soil. 

When the harrow is attached to a tractor, the discs start rotating as the tractor moves forward. Unlike certain other farming tools, the discs of a harrow do not require a separate mechanism like a power take-off to power them. Instead, they rely on the forward motion of the tractor to rotate and perform their task.


Trailers are essential farm implements extensively used on farms for transporting a wide variety of goods and materials.

They are attachments that are towed behind tractors or other suitable farm vehicles. The primary function of farm trailers is to facilitate the transportation of heavy materials that would be impractical to move manually. 

Farmers heavily rely on trailers to transport harvested crops, livestock, farm machinery, supplies, and waste materials. 

Whether it involves carrying bales of hay, or crates of fruits and vegetables, trailers offer a convenient and efficient transportation solution on the farm. 

They come in different sizes and styles, which means they can be used for many different purposes on a farm. This farm equipment can also be modified or changed to fit the specific needs of the farm.

Rotary Tillers 

When the tiller is turned on, the blades or tines start rotating, which allows them to go into the soil. As they rotate, they effectively dig into the ground, breaking apart dense soil, getting rid of weeds and stones, and blending organic materials into the soil.

When the tiller is connected to a tractor, it is usually hooked up to a two-wheel or four-wheel tractor. The tractor gives the tiller the power it needs and allows it to move around the field easily.

The rotary tiller operates by using spinning blades or tines connected to a central shaft. These blades or tines have a curved shape and a sharp edge. 


A baler is a farm equipment designed to compress a harvested and gathered crop, such as hay, cotton, or flax straw, into tightly packed bales. 

These bales are conveniently manageable, facilitating their transportation and storage. Without a baler, the labour involved in farming would significantly increase.


A furrower is a farm implement to make  long, shallow trench dug in the ground. Farmers make furrows to plant seeds and put fertiliser in them before covering them up. 

Furrows help keep everything organised and neat, and they make it easier to remove unwanted plants. 

They also give enough space for plants to grow. In the past, people used a hand tool called a hoe to make furrows, but nowadays, farmers use furrowers attached to a tractor to make long furrows across a field.


To improve the process of planting crops, you can consider using a planter implement. This device is usually attached to a tractor and is pulled behind it. Its main function is to sow seeds in a way that creates evenly spaced rows of crops. 

This helps the plants grow better and ensures they have enough space to thrive and develop properly. 

Take Away 

Tractors can now do many different jobs quickly and efficiently, making them the main tool on farms around the world. 

They can prepare the soil, plant crops, take care of them, and do other important tasks to maintain the farm.

By using tractor implements and attachments, farmers can work faster, more easily, and with less physical effort, which helps them succeed and make farming more sustainable.