Harrow Tool – Best Farm Implement for Seedbed Preparation


A harrow is a farm implement used to level and smooth soil, break up clumps, and control weed growth. It can be pulled by a tractor and is often used in conjunction with plowing and tilling to prepare fields for planting crops. 

It can come in various sizes and designs, with teeth, tines, or blades that penetrate the soil to perform their tasks. They play a crucial role in modern agriculture by helping to increase crop yields and improve soil health.

Harrow can be attached with a variety of tools to enhance sustainable agriculture practices, including:

  1. Disc Plow: helps to break up the soil, remove weeds and prepare a seedbed.
  2. Rippers: used for breaking up hard soil or for deep tillage to allow for water and air penetration.
  3. Rolling Basket: smoothes out the soil and helps to reduce soil compaction.
  4. Chisel Plow: used for tillage and breaking up compacted soil layers.
  5. Seed Drill: for precise planting and sowing of seeds at the correct depth.
  6. Cover Crop Seeder: for planting cover crops to help protect and improve soil health.
  7. Fertilizer Spreader: for even distribution of fertilizer over the field.

By combining Harrow with these tools, farmers can achieve sustainable agriculture goals such as soil conservation, reduced erosion, improved soil structure and fertility, and more efficient crop production.

How a Harrow Tool is Used in Agriculture?

Harrow tool is used in agriculture and farming for surface tillage, including:

Soil Preparation

Harrow is often used to prepare the soil for planting by breaking up clumps of soil, removing weeds, and leveling the ground.

Weed Control

By breaking up the soil, harrow tools can uproot weeds and make it easier for crops to grow.

Improving Soil Structure

Harrowing helps to mix different soil layers and creates a more uniform structure, improving soil fertility and increasing yields.

Reducing Soil Compaction

Harrowing in farming can help reduce soil compaction caused by heavy machinery and make it easier for roots to penetrate the soil.

Residue Management

A harrow tool is used in agriculture to incorporate crop residue into the soil, improving soil organic matter and fertility.

Seedbed Preparation

Harrow — combined with other tools used for seedbed preparation — is used to create a fine, even seedbed ideal for planting.


It can help distribute water evenly over a field, improving irrigation efficiency.

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Benefits of Harrowing

Harrowing has several benefits for farmers, including:

  • Soil preparation: Harrowing helps to break up clumps of soil, level out the ground, and prepare a seedbed for planting.
  • Weed control: By tilling the soil, Harrow can effectively control weed growth by cutting their roots.
  • Soil conservation: Harrow can help to prevent soil erosion by creating a level surface that reduces runoff and allows water to penetrate the soil.
  • Soil structure improvement: Harrowing in farming helps to improve the soil structure by breaking up compacted soil, increasing aeration and water penetration, and promoting root growth.
  • Crop yield improvement: Harrow can lead to improved crop growth and higher yields by preparing a seedbed and promoting optimal soil health.
  • Time and labor savings: It is a quick and efficient way to prepare soil compared to manual methods, which can save time and labor.
  • Reduced tillage: By using Harrow, farmers can reduce the amount of tillage needed, which conserves soil moisture, reduces erosion, and increases soil health.

How is Harrow Useful for Secondary Tillage?

Secondary tillage is the process of preparing the soil after the primary tillage has been completed. Harrow farm implements are particularly useful for secondary tillage because they are designed to create a smooth and even surface while also controlling weeds and improving soil structure.

 In addition, these tools are able to reach areas that other tillage implements may not be able to, such as around the edges of fields or in areas with obstacles.

Most Common Types of Harrows

There are several types of harrow tools available. Some of the best types for farming include:

Disc Harrows

These heavy-duty harrows break up clumps of soil and create a smooth surface.

Chain Harrows

 These are lighter-weight harrows ideal for removing weeds and breaking up the soil.

Tine Harrows

These are similar to chain harrows but with tines instead of chains. They are ideal for seedbed preparation and grassland management.

Which Harrow is Best for Seedbed Preparation?

When it comes to seedbed preparations, disc harrows are often considered the best option. This is because they are specifically designed for seedbed preparation and can create a fine, even seedbed ideal for planting. 

When choosing a harrow tool, it is important to consider your specific needs and choose the most compatible implement for the job.

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Why Choose Kelly Diamond Harrow?

Kelly’s diamond harrows are designed to be effective and efficient for your farming practices. There are many reasons to choose a diamond harrow, including:


Diamond harrows are versatile and can be used for various tasks, including seedbed preparation, weed control, and soil structure improvement. They can also be adjusted to accommodate different soil types and conditions.

Efficient for Tillage 

They are designed to create a smooth and even seedbed with minimal passes, saving time and fuel compared to other tillage implements.

Durable and Long-Lasting

They are made with high-quality materials and are built to last, ensuring that they will be a reliable and durable part of your farming operation.

Improved Seed Germination

The unique design of diamond harrows allows for improved seed-to-soil contact, leading to improved seed germination and increased yields.

Easy to Maneuver

Diamond harrows are typically lighter and more compact than other tillage implements, making them easier to maneuver in tight spaces or around obstacles.

Quick Sum Up

Overall, a diamond harrow can be a valuable investment for farmers looking for an efficient and effective tillage tool that can be used for various tasks, including residue management, weed control, moisture incorporation, and seedbed preparation. Rely on the Kelly Tillage to get the best harrows and disc chains to improve your soil health for sustainable agriculture.