Disc Harrow: How to Choose the Best One 


Harrowing: With it Every Farm Begins!

The disc harrow is the best farming tool for enhancing crop growth, managing weed growth, eliminating already existing weeds, facilitating the incorporation of crop residues into the soil, boosting soil fertility, and achieving a smooth seedbed. 

If you are searching for disc harrows and need guidance on how to choose the best one, Kelly Tillage is here to assist.

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Disking is a farm management practice that involves breaking up clods and surface crusts after plowing. This farm equipment is used to improve soil granulation and make the surface even.

Disc Harrow: How to Choose the Best One 

Now that you are aware of the importance of disk harrows, let’s discover the criteria of how to choose the ideal one for your farm. 

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To ensure that your farming operations are optimized for soil preparation, it’s important to assess factors such as the type of disc, its diameter, the number of discs, the frame design, and the wheel setup. 

Choosing the perfect disk harrow can be a challenging task, but this guide simplifies the process for you all, as Kelly Tillage is dedicated to your farm’s well-being. Keep reading until the end to find out how.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Disc Harrow

Here are certain factors to consider while choosing a harrow with discs. 

Horse-Power of Tractor 

Before purchasing a Kelly diamond harrow, it’s essential to verify the horsepower of your tractor to ensure compatibility with the selected disc harrow model.

Desired Level of Seedbed 

Evaluate the level of seedbed preparation you need. If you require a finely prepared seedbed, consider this farm implement with multiple discs, as it can offer a more refined finish. 

On the other hand, if your seedbed preparation is less intensive, a harrow with fewer discs may be sufficient.


Before you start looking for this farming tool, decide how much money you want to spend. Prices can be very different, so knowing your budget will help you choose something that’s a good deal for you.


When you want to move your disc harrow between fields, think about how easy it is to do so. Choose a model that you can easily attach to your tractor and move around without any hassle.

Type of Bearing 

The durability and maintenance needs of a disc chain harrow depend on the type of bearings it has. Sealed bearings are low-maintenance but may need replacement if they get damaged.

On the other hand, greaseable bearings are more durable but necessitate regular maintenance.

Blade Spacing

The gap between the blades on the disc chain harrow controls how deeply it digs into the soil and the extent of soil disruption. A greater gap is suitable for lighter tilling, whereas a smaller gap is more effective for deeper tillage.

Type of Soil 

Different types of soil need different kinds of disk harrows. Thick clay soils need strong disc harrows with big blades, capable of efficiently penetrating and fracturing compacted soil. 

Conversely, lighter soils may need this farming tool featuring smaller blades to prevent excessive disruption of the soil.

Type of Disc 

You can opt for smooth discs to break up clods and even out the soil, or choose spiked discs to eliminate weeds and enhance soil aeration.

Kelly Spiked Disc Chain is highly efficient for weed removal, making it a perfect tool for cleaning up fields before or after seeding. Its shallow working depth and combing action make it easy to pull and allow for faster coverage of a larger area.

Type of Frame 

Choose between a strong frame, which provides longevity but increases expense, or a truss frame, which is lighter and more cost-effective but compromises on durability.

We offer Kelly diamond harrows with robust frames at affordable prices, ensuring that every farmer can fully benefit from their advantages. Our motto is to cultivate success together, leaving no farmer behind.

The reliable and robust Model 3009 is suitable for a wide range of applications. It delivers consistent performance across its cutting width, thanks to its floating wing cylinders and enhanced ground clearance.

Size of Blade

The size of the blades will also influence the degree of soil disruption. Bigger blades will dig deeper into the soil, whereas smaller blades will create a finer soil texture.

Size of Field 

When choosing a disc harrow, take into account the size of your field. If you have a larger field, it’s advisable to opt for a wider harrow to efficiently cover more ground in less time.

Conversely, if your field is smaller, a narrower harrow might be a better fit.

The Model 4614 is exceptional for large farms, as it offers enhanced features like increased underframe clearance, a larger jockey wheel, a stronger frame, and the option for dual outer wing wheels for better flotation. 


Harrowing is an integral farm practice, serving various purposes such as seedbed preparation, weed control, residue management, cover crop incorporation, and soil fertility improvement. 

Therefore, selecting the appropriate harrow with a disc for your farm is essential to achieving the best possible soil fertility and crop yields.

By conducting thorough research and thoughtful analysis, you can identify the perfect disk harrow that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve the best results.

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