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A mid-weighted disc for enhanced weed control in a broad range of soil types.

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Whether it’s residue management, weed control, moisture incorporation or creating that perfect seedbed prior to planting, the unique diamond shaped Kelly Tillage System offers a wide array of ground engaging disc chains to satisfy your year-round light tillage requirements. The Kelly Tillage System is the ultimate tool for seedbed preparation without the high costs of traditional tillage methods. With a well-earned reputation for strength and reliability, this is a tool that was developed by farmers, for farmers.



A mid-weighted disc for enhanced weed control in a broad range of soil types.

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What was once a product of necessity, modifying and repairing machinery subsequently moved to a family partnership in a farm workshop, and then into a business that understands farmers and agriculture.

Kelly Tillage is a family business with strong values. We believe in servicing our customers well, caring for our staff and ensuring that our products contribute to sustainable agriculture.

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Make stubble management simple.

KELLY Disc Chains break stubble and split internodes to accelerate biological decomposition, protecting the topsoil and returning nutrients to the seedbed.

Our shallow-working Disc Chain setup allows farmers to start preparing early in the season, saving costs on labour and fuel. By knocking down residue, the KELLY Tillage System leaves a protective mulch layer that insulates the seedbed against erosion, allowing for year-round ground cover.

Control weeds on your own terms.

Our unique Disc Chain technology uproots established weeds, leaving them on the surface where their viability degrades quickly.

The shallow scarifying action of the Disc Chains also stimulates weed seed germination. By forcing a uniform emergence of seasonal weeds prior to planting, a KELLY pass can massively improve the effectiveness of a one-time herbicide application, limiting the emergence of buried weed seeds throughout the growing season.

Start with a perfect seedbed.

A smooth seedbed will optimise planter performance, enable accurate seeding and lead to more consistent germination.

KELLY Tillage is at the forefront in sustainable seedbed preparation, creating conditions that keep soil moist and even in density. A level KELLY seedbed provides ideal seeding conditions through an ultra-shallow tillage pass, ensuring that each seed gets the best possible start.

Take charge of your cover crops.

The KELLY can be used for establishing and terminating cover crops. Mulching and incorporating the cover crop with a KELLY pass returns organic matter to the soil, providing a fertile environment for the cash crop.

The KELLY Model 4614 is specially designed to interface with our custom-built air seeding unit, the KELLY Seeder. All other models can be fitted with aftermarket seeders. This setup allows the KELLY Tillage System to complete cover crop seeding and seedbed preparation in a single operation, reducing the number of passes required.