How Minimal Maintenance Of The Kelly Diamond Harrow Is Benefitting US Farmers

The introduction of the diamond harrow has been a significant step forward for the sustainable tillage industry. It has allowed farmers to integrate the benefits of tillage while also maintaining soil quality. There are more benefits to the Kelly Tillage System, however; it’s a durable, low maintenance tool, and it allows for budget distribution in such harsh times. These two factors and much more have helped countless farmers boost their yield and get a better seedbed for a better bottom line.

A sturdy tool for the current generation of farmers

The needs of the agro-industry have changed. With extensive farming practices having harmed the soil for generations past, there is an immediate need for methods that can help improve production without further compromising soil health. The Kelly Diamond Harrow, with its shallow working depth, excels in this sustainable tillage niche.

Tillage is no longer the universally accepted practice it was some fifty years ago. Deep-working tillage tools are damaging to soil structure, and can contribute to erosion and nutrient loss. The Kelly Diamond Harrow, with its sturdy design and unique Disc Chain technology, is capable of working the soil without damaging the structure. The harrow itself is durable and long-lasting, built from high-strength steel. This factors in its ability to work in wetter fields, allowing farmers to dry out wet patches for earlier planting.

Save budget on multiple fronts

The superior build quality of the Kelly Diamond Harrow allows farmers to cut back on maintenance costs, especially compared to other tillage equipment. This is a tool meant for the long run! It also leads to savings in fuel, able to prepare a seedbed in one, high-speed pass. By levelling the soil with a Kelly Disc Chain, farmers can fix ruts and ridges, leading to a smoother experience for seeder units. This can increase seeding speed and decrease fuel used in subsequent field operations.

Considering the current situation at hand, smallholder farmers are facing tight budget constraints. In times like these, tools that can perform in multiple roles on the farm are more important than ever.

Cut back on herbicides

Weed removal is a big factor when it comes to modern farming. With the Kelly Diamond Harrow, full cut weed control can be performed in a single shallow tillage pass! The sturdy nature of the harrow ensures that you don’t have to take it in for maintenance even after removing the hardest of the weeds. Not only do operators save on herbicides, but can also create an integrated weed control system that requires minimal maintenance or variation.

The multifaceted use of the Kelly Disc Chains and the sturdy nature of the Diamond Harrow helps farmers gain an acute advantage on multiple fronts.

For all these reasons and more, the Kelly Tillage System has become an instant favorite of American farmers. So what are you waiting for? Visit your local dealership right away!