What is Seeding? Methods of Seeding


What Is Seeding 

Seeding in farming means planting seeds in the soil to grow crops. It’s an important part of farming where seeds are put in the ground at the right depth and distance to help them sprout and grow well. 

This step is crucial because it gives seeds the best chance to grow into healthy plants. 

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Air seeder is a machine that uses pressurized air to plant seeds in the soil. It offers significant advantages for farmers.

One of the key benefits is that air seeders enable planting directly into the leftover plant material from the previous year’s crop, which is known as stubble. 

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They do this by moving along with the shape of the ground, following its ups and downs. This helps ensure that the seeds are spread evenly across the whole field, without any gaps or overlaps.

Mastering The Hunt: Pro Tips For Purchasing An Air Seeder

  • Examine the exterior
  • Thoroughly inspect and evaluate the specifications
  • Perform a detailed inspection and evaluation of the air tank
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the seed openers
  • Pay close attention to its electronic components and functionality

Exploring The Benefits Of Air Seeder: A Closer Look

  • Improves farm efficiency 
  • User-friendly farming experience
  • Handle large seed quantities
  • Able to cover vast farmland with a high level of effectiveness and speed

How Air Seeder Sow Seeds: A Simple Explanation

  • An air seeder is a machine that helps farmers plant seeds in their fields. It has fans that blow air into tubes. 
  • While the air is blowing, a meter keeps track of the seeds being planted. The seeds are dropped into the airflow created by the fans.
  • The machine has long tubes called primary hoses that carry the seeds to a tall structure called the tower. 
  • At the tower, the seeds and fertilizers are separated and sent into smaller tubes called secondary hoses. These smaller tubes deliver the seeds and fertilizers to different places.

Seeding Methods 


This technique of seeding is a simple approach. It involves scattering the seeds by hand onto the prepared land or seedbed in a random manner.

However, it is important for the person performing the broadcasting to possess sufficient skill. Manual broadcasting tends to result in a higher seed consumption or a higher seed rate than other seeding methods. 

On the other hand, the use of machinery for broadcasting is effective and efficient, as it enables the controlled distribution of seeds at desired rates across the field.


The drilling method of seeding is when we use a machine called a driller to drop the seeds into lines made in the soil. After the seeds are dropped, they are covered with soil. 

The driller can be operated by a person or a machine, or it can work automatically. Before sowing the seeds, the amount of seeds to be dropped is set so that they are placed properly in the lines. With the driller, we can place seeds in two to three lines at the same time. 


Dibbling is a way of putting seeds in small holes made in the ground and covering them with soil. In this method, the holes are made at a certain depth and distance from each other. 

The tool used for dibbling is called a dibbler. It’s a cone-shaped tool that helps create the right-sized holes in the field.


In this method, the seeds are first grown in containers inside a greenhouse. Once the seedlings have reached a certain stage of growth, they are moved and planted in the field.

Hill Dropping 

In this method, instead of continuously dropping seeds, they are placed at fixed distances from each other with some space in between. 

Unlike using a drill, where seeds are placed very close to each other in a row, this method ensures that there is a steady and equal distance between each plant in the row.

Final Thoughts 

Master the art of seeding and witness your farm thrive with plentiful growth. Sow the seeds of success through careful selection, spacing, and precise seeding techniques. 

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