Step-by-Step Guide: How to Prepare a Seedbed?


Wondering how to prepare a seedbed for better crop yield? Want to learn about the machinery and tools used for seedbed preparation? Looking for a reliable farming tools provider? Kelly Tillage is what you are looking for. We understand farmers and agriculture and believe that farmers globally should be sustainable by implementing our seedbed preparation […]

Techniques & Technologies for Optimal Seedbed Preparation 


Soil is an essential material and resource for farming and agriculture. Choosing the proper cultivation techniques and using state-of-the-art technology can help gain and retain the long-term profitability of the soil. A vital factor for a successful crop yield is seedbed preparation. Let’s have a glance at the objectives of seedbed preparation. Objectives of Seedbed […]

Tillage System: Definition, Types, Objectives & Benefits


This blog will help you learn what a tillage system is, its types, objectives, and benefits. Tillage is an important farm activity to prepare the soil for growing crops. Farmers grow crops in every season and use wasteland for cultivation. Imagine! Will they farm directly on the same land repeatedly after every harvest without preparing […]

Soil Fertility Decline: Why Does It Happen?

Soil fertility decline occurs when the amounts of nutrients extracts from the soil in harvesting products exceed the amounts of nutrients that apply. In this situation, the nutrient requirements of the crop retrieving from the soil reserves until these reserves cannot meet the demands of the crop. This is the basic soil fertility definition. The […]

Which Path Should The European Agro-Industry Take In A Post-Covid World

The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that ensued has brought out the frailties of the European agro-industry. But now that cross-border agricultural trade is beginning to get back on track, the industry is in dire need of a recovery plan. While this may seem like a job for the policy-makers, farmers actually have a large […]

Why European Farmlands Demand Harrows With A Strong Frame

European farming requirements are quite unique and stand out from most of the world. There are many reasons for this. From the soil formation to climate conditions, Europe’s agro-industry has to deal with multiple factors to ensure an optimal yield. It is due to all these reasons that the harrow frame design for European farmlands […]

The EU Covid-19 Recovery Plan: What It Means For The Agro-Industry

The latest Covid-19 recovery plan framed by the European Council (EC) has considered an 8 year period as the time needed for recovery from the devastations of the pandemic situation. And while a huge part of this recovery plan and funds is dedicated to the agro-industry, policymakers and agriculturists are not yet sure whether it […]

Irrigation Practices To Protect Yourself From Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is a real problem, and it’s something that the world has been dealing with for a while. With the rapidly changing global climate, this problem doesn’t seem likely to subside any time soon. Though water scarcity impacts every part of our lives, no industry will feel the shortage like agriculture. This is because […]

Drought Farming – How To Tackle Dry Conditions

The effects of the climate crisis are becoming clearer every day, and in many parts of Europe high temperatures have led to the onset of drought. In times like these it’s important to prepare your farm for the dry spell that lies ahead. From new tillage techniques to reduced animal farming, there are a number […]

The Rise of Organic Agriculture in Europe

As of now, Europe houses over 15 million hectares of organic farmlands. This massive influx of organic agriculture is a process that has grown dramatically over the last decade. Organic farming generally refers to the practice of farming with no or minimal use of chemicals. This trend started across the world as an answer to […]