5 Tips for Weed Management

Weed management is the process of controlling or eliminating weeds in agricultural or landscaped areas. This can be done using various methods, including manual labour, chemical herbicides, and physical tools such as a harrow and disc chain. The goal of weed management is to reduce the harmful effects of weeds on crop yield, aesthetic appeal […]

How To Choose The Right Agricultural Machinery?


Choosing the right machinery for agriculture is essential for the productivity of agricultural land.  Agriculture accounts for a large part of the total productivity of many nations, particularly in agriculture-based countries. However, to achieve adequate productivity within the agricultural industry, farmers must make wise decisions when choosing farm machinery, because choosing the right agricultural equipment […]

Understanding the Disc Chain Mechanism


Creating the perfect seedbed is every farmer’s dream; a smooth soil surface with evenly distributed organic matter helps to increase working speed and boost yield. In this process, the tillage method becomes a key component for success. However, traditional deep tillage is widely recognised to be potentially harmful to soil structure. This is what inspired […]

Simple But Powerful Methods To Fight Herbicide Resistance


Herbicides are a useful tool for controlling weeds. Over time though, various types of weeds can become resistant to the effects of the herbicide. Through random mutation, herbicide-resistant strains can emerge and spread, rendering the herbicide ineffective. This can really hamper the farming process. Facing this issue, the solution is not to increase the use […]

How Technology Is Helping Smallholder Farmers Rise Up The Value Chain


Farming has always been considered as an industrial operation. In recent years though, the rise in smallholder farms has led to a change in the agronomic industry landscape. However, smallholder farmers are at a serious disadvantage due to a lack of financing, and this heavily affects their ability to reach the market. The value chain […]

Building Machines, Building Global Agriculture!


Change is the only constant. The spread of the Covid-19 has led to an increase in the global economic uncertainties and food hoarding issues. Fortunately though, as per the Australian and International food safety organisations, there is no trace of evidence that suggests that the fatal Covid-19 virus spreads through food. Food and Agriculture The […]

Sustainable Agriculture – Practices In Australia


What is sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture – what does the term bring to your mind? Ignoring modern technologies and going back to farming the olden way? Sustainable agriculture is about much more than that, and its reputation is ill-earned. Sustainable agriculture involves combining modern farming methods and technologies with lessons drawn from the experiences of […]

5 Apps To Introduce Smart Farming Into Your Process


Agriculture is rapidly changing. The primary reason behind this is the rapid technological advancement taking place across industries. In this age of artificial intelligence and data science, your farm can benefit from widespread smart farming and high-tech agricultural tools available. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are 5 applications that will help revolutionise […]