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No-Till Agriculture: A Complete Overview

no-till agriculture

Imagine farming without digging up the soil deeply. That’s the essence of no-till agriculture. Even though we often link farming with ploughing, a way of turning over the soil, no-till farming has been around for a very long time. Harrowing with the assistance of Kelly Tillage has simplified the process of no-till farming. In the […]

Herbicide Resistance Management with Kelly Tillage


Farmers, If you notice significant resistance to herbicide in your fields then it’s preferable to use a mechanical weed remover.  Kelly Tillage has simplified mechanical weed control, making it one of the most effective strategies for weed management. We’re here to help you learn how to deal with those stubborn weeds and make your farm […]

Green Manure Cover Crops: Nurturing your Farm’s Soil 


Think of your farm’s soil as a treasure chest, and green manure cover crops as the diligent guardians that watch over it, much like a hawk circling above, safeguarding its territory. These cover crops are like the soil’s best friends, always there to enrich, protect, and make it ready for a fruitful harvest. They’re the […]

Levelling Soil with the Kelly Model 3009


The process of levelling soil shares a strong resemblance with the ignition of a car’s engine. Just as a car requires that initial spark to spring to life, a farm’s prosperity depends upon the important task of soil levelling. Imagine the farm as a canvas, waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece; without precise soil […]

Strip Tillage Equipment: Everything Explained


Strip tillage equipment, everything you need to know. If you’re eager to understand what strip tillage is and what kind of equipment it involves, you’re in the right place. It is a sustainable farming technique that minimises soil disturbance and plays a vital role in shaping the future of farming.  As strip-till is a conservation […]

How to manage Sunflower & Wheat Residue with the Kelly Model 2006?


How to manage sunflower and wheat residue with Kelly Model 2006? This question lies at the intersection of modern agricultural practices and sustainable land management.  Crop residues, including those from sunflower and wheat, have a significant role in preserving soil health and boosting crop yields.  The Kelly diamond harrow 2006 is an advanced farming tool. […]

Broadacre Farming in Australia: What is it?


Broadacre farming in Australia is the term you mostly hear in this country. If you are interested in understanding what broadacre farming is?  What are its sustainable land management practices? You might even want to explore reliable farm implements designed for it. In this context, Kelly Tillage is a brand worth considering and you are […]

How to Maximise Yields in Your Sunflower Field with Conservation Tillage


Sunflower fields in Australia are predominantly cultivated in key locations such as Northern New South Wales, Southern Queensland, and Central Queensland.  This blog solely focuses on how to maximise yields in your sunflower field with conversion tillage. To make the most of this guide, be sure to read to the conclusion. Sunflower is primarily cultivated […]

How to Use Disc Harrow 


Disc Harrow is a versatile tool that farmers find highly valuable, thus it will prove to be useful to know how to use, Disc Harrow. We are certain that this knowledge will undoubtedly be beneficial, making this blog an essential resource for all farmers. No need to wait any longer; let’s begin now: What is […]

Types of Tillage Equipment – Primary & Secondary Implements


Preparing the soil to a fine tilth is advantageous for promoting optimal germination. As a result, various types of tillage equipment have been introduced through technological advancements to facilitate the tilling process. In today’s evolving farming world, farmers have access to a range of farm implements to assist them in preparing their fields for planting.  […]