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A Comprehensive Guide To Tillage


The farming practice of tillage has been adopted by farmers for centuries. In its early days, tillage relied on manual labour, with workers pulling ploughs or utilising animals to trample the soil.  Presently, machinery is employed to achieve the same objective of cultivating and preparing the soil. What is Tillage  Tillage is an important farming […]

Expert Tips for Crop Residue Management


Farmers, are you scratching your head over what to do with all that crop residue after harvest? If you’re not evenly distributing your crop residue, you’re missing out on a key ingredient to unlocking your farm’s full potential.  Spreading it uniformly across your soil surface can take your cropping game to the next level.  Spread […]

Why is Spiked Disc Chain is effective for weed control?

The reliance of farmers on herbicides is causing a dual problem – financial and environmental. The use of herbicides on a continuous basis leads to the emergence of weed varieties that become resistant to the chemicals, which increases the financial burden on farmers as they need to spend more money on herbicides.  This is a […]

Find out the Different Types of Soil in Australia


Soil type refers to the physical and chemical attributes of soils, such as texture, structure, pH level, nutrient content, and water retention capacity. Each soil type has distinct characteristics that can influence the growth and yield of crops.  Australia possesses an extensive land area of around 7.6 million square kilometres. Its diverse topography encompasses a […]

Importance of Topsoil – How to Apply it on Your Farmland?


Topsoil is an important factor in achieving successful crop growth and productivity. Familiarising farmers with the properties and characteristics of topsoil, such as nutrient content, pH levels and soil structure can enable them to be decisive. It helps them to be prompt in decision making regarding farm practices like irrigation, crop rotation, fertilisation and tillage.  […]

Effective Ways To Maintain Your Farm Equipment And Prolong Their Life

Maintaining quality of farming equipment is crucial for every farmer, as it directly impacts productivity, crop yields, and income. Any malfunction or breakdown can result in significant losses and downtime. Waiting for repairs or service calls can cause delays in completing essential farm tasks, such as planting or harvesting. Luckily, implementing regular preventative maintenance practices […]

6 Benefits Of Shallow Tillage And How You Can Practise It


Shallow tillage is a form of tillage that involves minimal soil disruption, usually up to a depth of 5-10 cm. In contrast to deep tillage, where the soil is overturned to depths of 20 cm or more, it seeks to maintain the natural structure and makeup of the soil. Equipment, such as harrows, can be […]

Why Adopt Conservation Tillage for Sustainable Farming?


Tillage plays a vital role in weed management by controlling the growth and spread of weeds in agricultural fields. By using tillage practices such as ploughing, discing, or harrowing, farmers can break up the soil and disrupt the root systems of weeds, making it more difficult for them to establish and compete with crops.  Additionally, […]

Executive Appointments at KELLY Tillage

Executive Appointments Agricultural machinery designer/manufacturer KELLY Tillage is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Clayton as its new Chief Operating Officer. As the outgoing CEO of Derby Rubber, Michael has over 20 years of manufacturing and management experience including various CEO and director positions. Michael’s passion for collaboration, innovation, education and sustainability will help […]

Top Cost Reduction Strategies in Agriculture


Want to boost your ROI on crop yields? Looking for the best cost reduction strategies in agriculture? Let’s discuss some spending cuts in the farming practices to reduce your farming expenses and to increase ROI. Field reports show that many breeders will take expensive lengths when planning for the 2023 development season. The cost of […]