Dealer Pack

Kelly Dealer Information Pack Introductory Letter
Kelly Contact Information
Personal Data Collection Practices

Sales & Ordering

Kelly Tillage System Price List (Q4 2023)
Tariff Levy Pricing
Dealer Terms (Whole Goods)
Canada Dealer Price List

Machine Receipt & Delivery

Dealer Machine Receipt Form
Dealer Pre-Delivery Checklist
Customer Machine Delivery Form
Recommended Maintenance Checklist

Demonstration Program

Dealer Demonstration Program
Individual Demonstration Field Card
Group Demonstration Field Card


Warranty Policy (North America)
Warranty Registration Process
Warranty Claim Process
Product Replacement Work Form

Financial Forms

Credit Card Authority Form
Remittance Advice


Returned Goods Authorisation
Parts Terms
Return Goods Policy


Dealer Co-Op Advertising Program

Presentations & Other

Field Finish Adjustments
Field Finish Adjustments (Model 2006)
Troubleshooting the Version 12 Valve Block
Assembly Hours
Testimonial Consent and Cancellation Form

When should I consider replacing my KELLY Disc Chains?